4 Nutrients Your Hair Needs for Healthy Growth

Let’s face it, your hair needs just as much TLC as your skin and the rest of your body; and while the hair spas and hair-care products are great, your hair needs something more. We’re talking about strengthening your hair from within. How, you ask? Via a hair-friendly diet! Apart from making sure you stay hydrated, what you put in your body pretty much determines how healthy your hair is going to be! In this blog we’re going to help you figure out what your hair needs and how you can best care for your hair, from within. 


The fibrous protein that forms the most important structural element of a strand of hair is keratin. Keratin is responsible for protecting your hair, skin and nails from damage. Yes, your shampoo probably lists it as an ingredient, but external applications are only a stop gap. For genuinely healthy hair, you need a regular supply of keratin from within.

The catch is keratin cannot be consumed; it is a protein that is manufactured by your body. But consuming certain foods rich in vitamin A, sulphur and protein can help boost keratin production.


The middle layer of your skin holds the root of each individual hair. Around 70% of this layer is made up of collagen. As you age your body’s collagen production reduces leading to hair loss and dull, brittle hair. This is why collagen supplements are essential to keep your hair and skin healthy. Citrus fruits, leafy greens and red fruits and vegetables contain everything necessary to help boost your body’s collagen production.


Now iron is an all-rounder. It helps the blood to carry and supply oxygen to the entire body, including your scalp. Low iron levels means reduced blood flow to the scalp, which leads to hair loss. Start regularly including foods like Goji berry and leafy greens in your diet and you’re good to go.


Oxidization is the process that is responsible for cell damage leading to aging. Antioxidants as you may have guessed are integral to maintaining a thick, healthy head of hair and youthful, supple skin. Beta-carotene is a powerful antioxidant found naturally in foods like carrots, spinach, squash, bell peppers etc.

Apart form the above mentioned nutrients for hair growth, your hair needs its Vitamin A, E, C and B3, Silica and even Omega 3 to keep its lustre. Making small changes to your diet is a baby step in the right direction, it takes time, patience and a mindful, holistic approach to your health to see lasting results.

In all this, a bit of expertise can help reduce the effort! Our Healthy Hair mix is a carefully selected blend of superfoods that contain all of the essential nutrients and vitamins your hair needs. It is a pure and potent blend of organic ingredients like Indian gooseberry, Goji Berry, Hibiscus, Sunflower Seeds, Bamboo Shoot and Moringa, everything your hair will love!

Like we said, your hair reflects your health! Pay attention to what it has to say. Do you have a hair health tip you’d like to share? We’d love to hear from you!







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