All Day Energy: All You Need to Know

Kiss goodbye to that persistent feeling of sluggishness, the caffeine crashes and the drops in energy. Say hello to All Day Energy - a mix that helps enhance your energy levels all day long, revitalises you and improves brain function too. Want to know all about this mix? Of course you do. Read on!

What exactly does All Day Energy do?

The work of All Day Energy is to act as a neuroprotective agent and shield the mind from the effects of stress. It is rich in adaptogens that equip the brain with the necessary agents to fight off all kinds of stress, mental or physical. It enhances cognitive functioning, memory, mood stability and thus, calms your mind so as to handle any adversity that comes your way.

How does it work?

You already know that the food we eat is converted into energy. This energy can be either physical or mental. The energy used for physical functions relates to the upkeep of your muscles and organs, your day to day physical movements, etc. The energy used for mental functions relates to your mind organizing thoughts, creativity, maintaining happy moods, working etc. 

Maintaining mental balance and overall wellness of the mind is as important as physical maintenance. A fatigued mind leads to a fatigued body, since it is your brain that controls all your movements and bodily functions. 

All Day Energy is packed with adaptogens that give your body and mind just the nourishment it needs by ‘adapting’ to the internal situation and balancing the neurotransmitters in the brain. It also helps enhance concentration, and acts as the perfect alternative to caffeine. 

What’s in it?

Ginseng, known to enhance energy of the mind and body, improve cognition, behaviour and thus quality of life with its anti-inflammatory effects.

Rhodiola, an adaptogen-powerhouse that helps your body deal with all kinds of stress, mental and physical. It is used to alleviate fatigue and anxiety, and enhances attention, concentration and mood by balancing neurotransmitters – chemicals in the brain that help in overall function.

Shilajit, primarily composed of Fulvic acids, is rich in antioxidants, immunomodulatory and neuroprotective agents that improve memory and act as a revitalizer, enhancing performance, relieving fatigue with increasing bodily metabolism.

When should I take it?

As All Day Energy is directed at charging your brain’s batteries for the whole day, so the best time to take this is in the morning, after breakfast. Having said that, you are free to take this in the afternoon or early evening too, to overcome that mid-day slump. Work according to your convenience, as long as you’re having a little bit every day.

How much should I take?

Most of our customers have taken one teaspoon a day and noticed a difference they are happy with. 

How should I take it?

Mix the recommended quantity of All Day Energy with a glass of milk or juice and have it between meals, regularly. 

Here’s a yum recipe you can try, to replace your morning cuppa!

When can I see results?

Most of our customers have noticed a progressive increase in endurance, calmness and a sense of wellbeing over the initial week, and optimal functioning in 2 to 6 weeks of use. However, it is important to note that the quickness of results entirely depends on your metabolism, intensity of mental stress and lifestyle. We recommend taking the mix regularly to experience full benefits for prolonged periods of time.

Will this cause hyperactivity?

You are more likely to experience a spurt in energy levels and overall vitality. However, ‘hyperactivity’ is a condition that occurs due to hormonal imbalances, brain disorders, and psychological disorders.  It does NOT develop with the consumption of All Day Energy.

How is this different from energy bars?

Energy bars are known to boost physical energy. They are formulated to make for a whole meal in a small packet. The bursts of energy you get from these, however, are short lived and require repeated consumption. In addition, energy bars target providing nutrition to your muscles.

All Day Energy, on the other hand, works on mental fatigue. It charges your mind with the capacity to deal with stress and has no particular effect on the body per-se. 

Will this help with work-outs?

Although All Day Energy has no direct effect on your muscles, and might not help with bodybuilding or endurance in workouts, consuming this mix along with your specific diet and workout routine may enhance your performance by alleviating “central nervous system fatigue”. A healthy stress free mind will also allow you to push yourself harder in your routines and may help you stay motivated mentally.

Can this be given to children?

Though it poses no risk in consumption, we do not advice giving this product to children without the permission of your paediatrician. 

Is it safe in pregnancy and lactation?

The components pose no imminent risk to pregnant or lactating mothers. However, we do not recommend its usage in such states for the benefit of the consumer.

Are there side-effects?

Our customers have reported no occurrences of allergic reactions or side effects triggered by the consumption of our mix and have seen satisfying positive results throughout.

However, allergic reactions in any individual are based on their genetic predisposition and a physician must be consulted immediately should you notice any symptoms.

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