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Behind The Scenes of How Spirulina Is Extracted

It was just a regular day. The team and I were running through our to-do lists, getting things in place, you know, business as usual… when suddenly, we heard it… Whispering into our ears… the call of the farm! And when the farm calls, we listen. So without skipping a beat, we hit the road and made our way to our spirulina farm, with our favourite mixes to sip on along the way.

Now, I don’t want to give you any outdoor-FOMO, so I decided to take you along virtually to show you how Spirulina is cultivated. 

Spirulina is one of the favorite ingredients of everyone in the team. And you’ll find it in Strong Immunity. But that’s not all - it’s also used in the peanut bars we give to kids from Kolala, to help them overcome malnourishment. 

So, who’s ready for some fun learning and a glimpse into what happens behind the scenes of the mixes you all love and enjoy so much!  

Step 1: Spirulina is an algae. So, an alkaline culture solution with nutrition is poured into a wide shallow culture pond, which is stirred by gentle streams. This allows spirulina to carry out photosynthesis and to multiply.

Step 2: Multiplied Spirulina is then allowed to grow and develop. The density of the culture ponds are checked frequently till it drops to 4 cm and the pH levels are low.

Step 3: The spirulina is then filtered out from the ponds and taken for drying. 

Step 4: The thick spirulina is spread like noodle shapes on a platform powered by a solar panel that allows it to dry. 

Step 5: LASTLY, the dried flakes are then ground to powder form, which we add to two of our favorite mixes - Strong Immunity and Bring Me Bliss.

Fascinating, isn’t it? Until next time!

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