Cosmix vs Vitamin Pills: What’s the Difference?

Reading about Cosmix must have you wondering why we made the product if it is just a combination of vitamins. Why you shouldn’t just take supplements? Here’s the thing - even though the two contain vitamins, they are not the same.

While Cosmix does contain vitamins, there is more to it than meets the label. Inspired by plant-based nutrition, each mix was created in an attempt to make it easier to incorporate such a diet into your life. Living the city life, with a job, with kids, with the travel, holistic nutrition can take a backseat. Cosmix’s aim is to give you more out of your nutrition, even when you’re pressed for time.

What’s in a Cosmix powder?

The mixes’ components are herbs and uncommon berries sourced from all over the world, titrated to optimal levels and packaged in little boxes of goodness. What sets these mixes apart from a regular supplement is that the mixes still retain their plant derived properties. It not only contains vitamins, but also various phytonutrients, minerals, trace elements and pulverized dietary fibre, which is basically a plant in easy-to-consume form. Thus, with the consumption of Cosmix, you receive the benefits of relevant vitamins and minerals that your daily foods lack, and helps you get on the road to health.

Vitamins vs Cosmix

Vitamin supplements, on the other hand, depending on whether they are multivitamins or single vitamins, are pills solely of the specified vitamin and no other natural nutrients. While they also work towards replenishing depleted reserves in the body, they do not behave as holistic foods. They simply address the deficiency at hand. With such supplements, body functioning can improve largely as vitamins are important to body metabolism. You will certainly see positive changes with vitamins as well. However, with the increased concentration of the substance in the pill, come increased chances of unwarranted effects with over-usage. Consuming one too many pills can be harmful for the body as it may overwhelm the metabolism to a great extent. This may have effects that are counterproductive even though these are vitamin pills. This particular disadvantage is not present in Cosmix. As Cosmix is a plant food, the concentrations remain at sub-toxic levels, i.e., at levels wherein, consumption of excess quantities does not pose any documented threat to body functioning (this, of course, does not mean that you may consume significantly more than the recommended amount. It is merely a comparative factoid between the two.).

Cosmix – making your meals wholesome and holistic

Although Cosmix, in itself, is also not a holistic food, meaning that it lacks carbohydrates, proteins and fats, it certainly contains micronutrients that are commonly ignored in our base diet. It addresses what we neglect in daily foods and contributes to making our meals whole. It is also important to note that Cosmix foods do not contain all the vitamins. They only contain certain vitamins is select quantities which are of a lower level than vitamin supplements which have been tested and proven to have the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for our bodies.

Therefore, while we advocate using Cosmix, we also suggest that you address any vitamin deficiencies you may have by taking the necessary supplements prescribed to you. This journey to fitness and health is not about the product, but yourself and what your body needs to take you there.

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