Gut Health - Everything you need to know

With our busy schedules earlier, we often forgot to be mindful about what we ate. We skipped meals, gave into hunger pangs, alternated meals with fast food or ate at irregular intervals.

Being quarantined at home has given us the liberty and time to reflect on what we actually need to be eating, what eating healthy is all about and how it makes the world of a difference to our body, especially the gut. We would like to share a little insight about gut health, because getting the most out of what you eat is necessary for immunity, especially at a time like this.

>Good Gut Health and what its all about

Did you know? Our gut consists of both good and bad bacteria, with the good bacteria helping the gut process food, prevent toxins and even play a bigger role in maintaining immunity, by protecting us from heart disease and other illnesses.

With the growing consumption of fast food and the occasional skipping of meals, the gut tends to take the first hit, causing an imbalance in these microbiomes. It leads to inflammation, pain, digestive issues which signals that the gut isn’t healthy.

To maintain a good gut health, a perfect pH environment and the right amount of good bacteria, eating the right kinds of foods rich in prebiotics, probiotics and Vitamin D is essential. Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that improve gut health and can be found in foods like yoghurt, kimchi and other fermented foods. Prebiotics found in foods promote the growth of probiotics and good bacteria in the gut. Adding foods like leafy greens, spinach, banana, oats, onion, garlic, whole wheat promote prebiotic intake.


>Here are a few other things which have a positive impact on your gut health

  • Getting plenty of exercise, movement through the day
  • Managing stress with a good routine
  • Having a good sleep cycle

>The Gut and Immunity connect

The immune system in the gut is under constant pressure, continuously fighting toxins (external or from food). The function of the immune system is to promote immunity of the lining of the gut and maintain tolerance to the stuff that we consume.

When there is a reduction in the anti-inflammatory response by the gut, either from a reduction in the “good” bacteria or by a chronic poor diet like that of a high-carb-low-fibre diet, there is a thinning and in-turn a breakdown of the wall of the gut. This opens up a gateway for the “bad” bacteria to enter our bodies and cause infections or dietary disturbances, commonly an entity called “irritable bowel syndrome”, which has more to do with an inflamed gut by a faulty immune system than an external infection.

It becomes vital that we protect our gut immunity and prevent it from tipping over to the bad side.

CosMix has put together the perfect blend for this routine - Happy Gut, with the right amount of necessary probiotics, prebiotics and fibres such as Fermented Papaya, Licorice Root, Triphala, Ginger, Ashoka Root and more. Take 1-3 tsps a day with hot water, yoghurt, milk or add it to your food.

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