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How Are Your Gut and Immunity Connected?

Did you know a huge proportion of your immune system is actually in your gut? 100 trillion live microorganisms, to be specific. They protect the body from infections, regulate metabolism and strengthen the immune system by releasing massive quantities of antibodies into the gut.


Let’s dive deeper into this!

In the gut, the immune system is constantly under great environmental pressure, continuously facing a wide variety of antigens and harmful bacteria that enter the body from intestinal microbes and from food.

How does the immune system operate in your gut?

The function of the immune system is to strengthen the lining of the gut and maintain tolerance to the things we consume. This system, present in the wall of the gut, usually manifests two kinds of responses: Pro-inflammatory, or that which causes inflammation and Anti-inflammatory, that which supports the immune system and fights the inflammation. The former is usually by harmful bacteria and the latter by the in-dwelling intestinal flora, which is good for you.

This is why the type of bacteria that inhabits your gut becomes even more important. When we talk about gut health, we’re essentially talking about maintaining a healthy gut flora i.e. keeping the good bacteria in our gut alive and well.

So, how do we take care of this?

The most important way to do this is via our food habits.

When there is a reduction in the anti-inflammatory response by the gut, either from a reduction in the “good” bacteria or by a chronic poor diet like that of a high-carb-low-fibre diet, there is a thinning and in-turn a breakdown of the wall of the gut.

This opens up a gateway for the “bad” bacteria to enter our bodies and cause infections or dietary disturbances. In most cases this results in a case of ‘Irritable Bowel Syndrome’ (IBS), which has more to do with an inflamed gut by a faulty immune system than an external infection.

It, therefore, becomes vital that we protect our gut immunity and prevent it from tipping over to the bad side. The gut is constantly being at battle with the antigens and consuming foods for gut health, like a high-fibre low-carb diet rich in flavonoids, tannins and anthocyanins (anti-inflammatory agents) among others helps the gut to retain its ability to ward off the “bad” bacteria and nourish the “good”.

In addition the My Happy Gut mix is formulated with prebiotics and probiotics precisely to help you maintain a healthy gut ecosystem. It has herbs like mulethi to stimulates bowel movements, fermented papaya – a rich source of natural fiber that’s key in maintaining good gut health, guava to prevent constipation, triphala to inhibit growth of harmful bacteria and promote growth of good bacteria, jeera to stimulate digestive enzymes and eliminate toxins from the body, and ginger and Ashoka root to strengthen digestive health!


Cosmix’s in-house health professional Dr. Surabhi Sainath

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