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How do I Keep My skin from Getting Inflamed?

If you’re reading this, chances are you already know how to spot inflamed skin and what caused it. In case you don’t, check out my previous blog “I have Inflamed skin and I don’t know why”. It’s important to identify the source of the inflammation, because that’s how you’re going to know how to avoid it in the future.

When you allow your skin to dry out, it reduces elasticity. This means that when stretched, your skin will crack. Sometimes these cracks are visible, painful and can bleed. Other times they are teeny-tiny microscopic cracks- just a slight stretchy feeling when you smile. However, in either case, the cracks are big enough to allow infectious microbes to pass through. We know what happens next! So, moisturize, moisturize, moisturize and keep your skin hydrated!

This applies to EVERYTHING! You accumulate a plethora of bacteria on your hands every day. The same hands that touch your face. Same goes for your cell phone that you so lovingly cradle to your ear! It’s inevitable and unavoidable. What you can do, is wash your face regularly and make sure to dry with a clean towel.

Never heard of it! Well, you know how your hands get really dirty? What do you think happens when you put these fingers into your makeup jars to scoop out your product? “You deposit these bacteria into an environment where they can flourish.” This is especially true for products without preservatives. Same goes for your makeup brushes and sponges. They are a hotbed for infectious microbes. Regular cleaning and drying them properly will go a long way in reducing inflammation.

Oh yes! If you notice frequent bouts of inflammation despite following all of the above, I recommend watching what you eat. “For some of us, there are certain foods that trigger the body’s immune response.” For me it’s milk and maida (All purpose flour), but some of the most common triggers are nuts, sugar and food with a high fat content.

Sleep is conducive to homeostasis, “a condition of equilibrium in the body.” Even a little bit of sleep deprivation can trigger an immune response from your body. So sleep well my beauties, compromise for nothing and no one.

Last but by no means the least, eat all the things that are going to help improve the quality of your skin! This is probably the most underrated bit of advice you have ever heard! Make sure you get your Vitamin C, Zinc, Vitamin K, Vitamin A and fatty acids! If the quality of your skin is good, you are less likely to be affected by anything else!

Here’s where I tell you to go check out our ‘Feel Good Skin’ mix. It’s chock-full of antioxidants, its detoxifying, enhances your skin’s elasticity. Basically, it covers all the bases to give you skin that’s healthier, stronger and more radiant. But the truth is you really have to do your research and use it to know how amazing it is.

So, I’ll just leave you with this –

“You can slap on as much makeup as you like, but nothing compares to the glow of naturally healthy skin.”

If you love your skin enough to take care of it, it will love you back!


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