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How Does Your Liver Affect Your Skin? Find Out Now!

You may not notice it, but our bodies are exposed to numerous toxins everyday, both through our environment and through our food. For the most part we don’t realise it, because our bodies have defence mechanisms in place to fight or neutralise these toxins. The liver just happens to be the most important line of defence we have against toxins. It secretes pancreatic enzymes and bile to our pancreas and gallbladder to help aid with digestion, while also acting as chief detoxifier to the body. 

As with most of your organs, your liver has a breaking point. Lack of sleep, stress and an unbalanced diet add to your liver’s already full workload, causing burnout. The result? Your liver doesn’t function as efficiently. It can no longer detoxify at the same rate, causing a buildup of toxins in your body. Your liver can also no longer produce enough bile and enzymes for proper digestion. Inevitably, the first signs of a stressed out liver show up on your skin! 

Your sebaceous glands are generally responsible for secreting oil to keep your skin soft and nourished. When your liver cannot filter out toxins, they get dumped out via these glands, resulting in acne. The more your body tries to dump out fat and toxins via your skin, the more clogged your pores get! Topical applications and creams don’t do much to address the root of the problem here. So what can you do? Your best course of action is to strengthen your liver function for clearer, supple skin.

But how? A wholesome liver-supporting diet and plenty of hydration are definitely the first two steps.


In addition, you can also try our new and improved Feel Good Skin which contains Burdock Root and Brahmi, known for their hepatic, blood and lymph supporting abilities. These herbs enhance detoxification pathways and also help purify blood, which in turn helps you achieve skin that’s radiant with that healthy glow!

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  • I have fatty liver issue and gastric issue, I am 30 years old and my weight is 114kg, hight is 5.11 feet.

    Can you pls suggest some products for me.

    Aakash Agrawal

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