How To Care For Your Hair, The Holistic Way


In the TV show ‘Fleabag’ Phoebe Waller Bridge proclaimed, “HAIR. IS. EVERYTHING.” And since then, few things have resonated as deeply or have made as much sense. If you agree, if you think about your hair more than you think about your crush, if you too believe that hair is everything, then how to get healthy hair is your priority too. In which case, you’re in the right place. Because, in this blog we’re talking about how to care for your hair in a consistent, holistic way.


What causes hair problems?

To tackle an issue, it’s important to first understand it inside out. With this in mind, let’s understand how hair works.

In general, we are supposed to lose 50 to 100 hairs just like that in a day, and that number is higher for hair-fall in the shower (150-200 a day). Therefore, some degree of hair-fall is COMPLETELY NORMAL and even necessary. We lose hair, so newer strands may grow.


Hair-fall becomes a major concern when the overall appearance of your mane itself is affected drastically. Some common factors are: hormonal changes, thyroid imbalance, lifestyle, harsh hair care and styling products, rough handling of hair among others. The same can cause dull, lifeless and brittle hair too.

The good thing about hair? It grows back! And with the right kind of love and care, you can ensure it grows well too. Here are some ways how:

Patience Not Panic

Here’s the thing, there’s no one-size-fits-all hack to having the hair of your dreams. Everyone’s needs, story and journey is different. Take the time to truly understand yours. Leave room for trial and error. And above all, remember that there’s no such thing as an overnight cure or a miracle hair growth product. Good things and great hair take time.


Be gentle

From the products you use to the way you handle your hair, don’t stress your tresses! Choose products that are devoid of harsh ingredients. Don’t comb your hair or pull at them aggressively. In fact, even make sure you’re using the right kind of comb – one that doesn’t cause breakage. Use a soft towel and a silk pillowcase. And remember to not over-wash your hair. Limit your use of styling tools.


Eat your way to healthy hair

More often than not the issue is as straightforward as: your hair isn’t getting enough food. Include healthy foods for hair growth, stuff rich in iron and Vitamin A, such as spinach, blueberries, sweet potato, yogurt, walnut, pumpkin and flax seeds in your diet, to strengthen the roots, provide adequate nourishment and improve your hair’s health from root to tip.


When in doubt, HYDRATE

Water may not be the answer to ALL your life’s problems, but it sure could be to this one. Especially if you have dull, dry and lifeless hair. Water them from within!


Get your beauty sleep

We, at Cosmix, believe that every sleep is beauty sleep. If your sleep cycle is erratic or insufficient, your hair and skin are the first ones to show the signs of it. Make sure you get 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night (try our Sleep Like A Baby mix for a little help on that front).


Manage your stress

Some stress is normal, unavoidable even. And our bodies are equipped to handle that. It’s chronic, unmitigated stress that needs attention. The resulting hormonal chaos aside, when you’re stressed, you’re not eating or sleeping well or really paying attention to yourself well. Which basically leads to all the above issues!


A little extra help

A little bit of specialized help never hurt nobody, least of all your hair. That’s where CosMix Healthy Hair comes in. With a carefully selected blend of superfood powders such as Indian gooseberry, Goji Berry, Hibiscus, Sunflower Seeds, Bamboo Shoot and Moringa, it’s just the kind of nudge you need in the right direction.


All in all, our body has its own way of telling us when it’s not on-board with your life choices. The health of your hair is one way. Pay attention to what it’s saying, stay consistent with your choices, and be patient. What’s your hair story? We’d love to hear!


 Words by Karen Fernandes

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  • How to consume healthy hair mix? And when? Should i mix with gut or use seperate?

    Monalisa Mandal

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