#InspireSeries with Pranita Kocharekar


Pranita Kocharekar, famously known as @pranitart, is an illustrator and mental health advocate based out of Mumbai. There are so many reasons we love Pranita – the pops of colour she brings to our feeds, her kind words of encouragement, her poignant ponderings. In her own unique way, she’s set about making the world a brighter, nicer place. Even if you haven’t met her or known her in person, one look through her lively art and feels-inducing thoughts will make you want to be friends with her. Which is exactly what we did. We stole her away from her desk to get a little peek into her life – from holistic health to her thoughts on CosMix to how she keeps herself sane and as awesome as she is!


We believe in Health over Appearance. As an advocate for mental health with the same beliefs, how important do you think it is to look at health and mental health holistically? 
My health has been a stress point for me for the longest time. As a child, I would often get exam fevers and while growing up I was diagnosed with PCOD. These experiences have lead me to believe that our minds & bodies are deeply connected. I believe that good physical health is also dependent on good mental health & vice versa. Which is why, factors like sleep, good gut health, etc. are of great importance to me. I have noticed that if my gut health is poor, it automatically affects my skin! This journey of understanding the connection between mind & body is of utmost importance!

What suggestions would you like to share with our community on staying healthy? 
I follow a simple check list for staying healthy. It looks like this:
- 8 hours of sleep
- Fruits/ fibres for good gut
- Exercise for release of endorphins
- A hot beverage to soothe my nerves (often tea)
- Meditation 
If the above are in place, my mind is automatically calmer which leads to healthier lifestyle decisions. I would recommend everyone to try this!

What are your go-to self-care rituals? 
A hot shower, journaling and/or meditation, regular exercising & a good cry are my go-to self-care rituals. :)



Our bodies keep going through many changes. What challenges did you face while noticing these changes in your body and what did you do to cope with it and stay positive?  
The predominant changes that our bodies experience (as cis-womxn) are the monthly periods. The usual pre-period bloating of the tummy and face, the general sense of lethargy are some of the typical characteristics of my period. This shift & change in body along with the hormonal changes are hard to cope with. I ensure that I give myself 3 slow days every month. I reduce the stress off my to-do lists & I'm very compassionate with myself. I allow myself to reach out to my friends if I'm sad, and I ensure I pen down all my emotions. I believe that this time of the month can also be a great boon for cis-womxn to reconnect with themselves. I try to look at these times as opportunities than only pain. 

The lockdown has given most of us a better perspective on our lifestyle. How do you stay motivated with your routine given the current circumstances?
As terrifying as the outside world seems, it is natural for our anxieties to be heightened. The uncertainty of what may happen next is scary. I'm trying to look at the time within my home as a blessing in disguise. There aren't too many people in the world who have the comfort and safety of a roof & daily bread. While on one hand, I try to look at this time as an opportunity for growth without the everyday distractions that I had before, on the other hand, I also try to take breaks every weekend to ensure that I'm aware & in touch with the realities of the world. This balance gives space to all my emotions. The space to emote and release my emotions then creates space for creativity & growth.

You’ve been having CosMix for a bit now, which is your favorite mix and why? 
Sleep like a baby! I was struggling to sleep for a while given the heightened anxiety. This product in my meals has led to a sleep cycle that I never had in the last 20 years!

Tell us how you use CosMix in your routine every day!
I experiment a lot. I've been adding it to my tea on some days, I've also sprinkled it in my meals so my entire family can reap the benefits! I'm excited to try the recipes shared in the Wellness Journal next. :)


Words by Pranita Kocharekar

Edited by Karen Fernandes 


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