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What healthy eating is all about

We always read about lifestyle changes, diets and self-care routines to be inspired to eat healthy, exercise more, reduce stress, have more energy and feel good about ourselves. We began our journey with the same research too.

The end goal has always been – to seek health and beauty from within, to be able to power through a hectic day and have the energy to do those little tasks that we love, to protect our body from falling sick, get good sleep at night to do this all over again during the day. And how do we aim to do it? – re-evaluate our lifestyle and food habits and give our body the right fuel (nutrient rich foods) it needs to run all day, because it deserves the best kind!

Let’s talk about a few terms we come across that are relevant to what we believe in. We often come across the term ‘Superfoods’.

What are Superfoods and what makes them ‘Super’?
There are many foods, from fruits to herbs to veggies, protein, dairy, nuts and grains that are considered SUPER because they are packed with vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and fibers that keep your body protected from toxins, diseases and regulates sleep, energy and your activity every-day! Some popular ones are Acai berries, goji berries, banana, strawberry, ginger, moringa, spirulina, seaweed, flax seeds and more.

Plant-based diet – basically a yes to a better change!
Plant based diet isn’t just a diet, it’s more of a lifestyle. It’s a holistic approach to everything. 

Just exercising or having merely one superfood a day wouldn’t be enough to take care of your body. You take a few steps back and really reflect on what your body needs. It’s also a way to give back to the planet as you rely on organically sourced foods for your meals. It’s a way of listening to your body when it reacts to foods and decide what it needs best.

This is when you take a few of these steps that you always wanted to at the start of any journey towards better health –

- Limit processed food, junk food
- Include superfoods in your diet for more nutrient dense meals
- Limit or avoid animal products
- Exclude added sugars
- Focus on where your food is coming from

        But there’s a catch- do we really stop in the middle of a hectic day to reflect on what we’re eating?

        How do we make sure we are giving our body enough nutrition while we are occupied with multiple tasks throughout the day?

        Moreover, the most important question is – Are we really getting enough nutrition from eating just one or two organically sourced food?

        This is where Cosmix steps in.

        We began sourcing herbs, fruits, nuts and petals and made powdered forms of these plant-based foods to tackle all issues we face with our lifestyle. With the right commitment to take just one-two tbsp everyday with our simple meals, juices, milk or even just water, we found a way to help people practice self-care without getting overwhelmed with an elusive diet plan or without relying on intensive beauty focused supplements.

        Cosmix sources powerful herbs like Ashwagandha, Maqui berry, Ginseng, Maca root, Jatamanshi that provide different benefits to target specific nutritional needs for sleep, energy, gut health, immunity, skin and hair and build a more resilient body from within.

        We’re thankful for an ever-growing community who practice self-care through holistic health with Cosmix as a part of their routines.

        Here’s how you can join and get started -

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