The When and How of Having CosMix in Your Daily Routine

One of the first things my jars of CosMix did for me, before I even began to fully incorporate it into my days, before it even began to have any impact on my health, was setting into motion little bubbles rituals at key points in the day. With seven colorful jars sitting in front of me, like little soldiers awaiting instructions to go about their duties, I was compelled to pause and ponder: how do I make room for each of these in one day, taking into consideration a busy schedule?

There are three basic principles to ensuring you not only start a ritual, but also stick to it:

  1. Keep it simple
  2. Start small
  3. Enjoy the process


How does this apply to CosMix? Let’s find out.


To start out, here’s a general guide to when is the best time to consume each of the mixes:

All Day Energy: Morning

Happy Gut: Morning

Strong Immunity: Morning


Healthy Hair: Anytime

Feel Good Skin: Anytime


Sleep Like a Baby: Night


Stress Me Not: Morning, Night or really anytime in the day


If you have one or two mixes, it’s pretty straightforward. But if you, like me, have ALL the mixes, and like me, want to keep the mad scientist in you in check, here are some CosMix pairings you’ll find handy.


Morning Routine:

#1: Happy Gut & Strong Immunity

#2: All Day Energy & Happy Gut

#3: All Day Energy & Stress Me Not

#4: Stress Me Not & Happy Gut

#5: Healthy Hair & Happy Gut


Mid-Day or Tea-Time:

#1: Feel Good Skin & Healthy Hair


#1: Stress Me Not & Sleep Like A Baby


Now, the next big question: HOW to consume CosMix?


The best part is that it’s YOUR CosMix, so you get to have it YOUR way! This means you can add a teaspoon of the CosMix of your choice to:

A Glass of Plain Water (Hot or Cold)

Breakfast smoothies


On your toast and toppings

Curries, Salads & Veggies

Energy Balls

Herbal Teas

Cup of Milk (Dairy or otherwise)

Fruit Juices

… You get the drift.


If you’re new (or lazy) and are keen on evolving this into a habit that endures the test of time and a busy lifestyle, here are some of my tried and tested tips:

  1. Start with 2 mixes at a time, or even 2 mixes in one whole day (taken in the morning and night)
  2. Work the mix into your already existing habits rather than reinventing the wheel. Personally, I’m not very enthusiastic about being in the kitchen whipping up vibrant coloured smoothies and instagrammable breakfast bowls. And as excited as I was to experiment different ways of having CosMix, I knew that if I wanted to make this a sustainable habit, I had to play to my strengths. Which meant sticking to what I was comfortable with, even if it meant simply adding CosMix to a glass of warm water and honey or a bowl of dal. Start from here. Once you’ve managed to consistently follow this, work your way upwards towards creating your own unique blends.
  3. If you forget to have CosMix for a day or few, don’t let that hold you back or demotivate you. Start again. Go one day at a time.
  4. Keep the jars in a place where it’s not just easily but frequently visible too! If you spend most of your day at your work desk – keep it there, right next to your water bottle. If you frequent the kitchen often (who doesn’t these days, to be honest?) keep it right next to your stash of snacks instead of stowing it away in a corner, so you don’t forget about its existence entirely!
  5. The guideline for pairings mentioned above are just that. Blend the mixes in ways that fit your unique body, mind and needs.
  6. Good things take time. Be patient with yourself as well as the mixes.

We’d love to hear how you incorporate CosMix into your routine! Don’t forget to drop a comment sharing your thoughts or any queries you have. Here’s to building wholesome routines together!  


Words by Karen Fernandes

Conceptualized by Madhuri Saritha

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