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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of your morning Cuppa

As a fellow caffeine fiend, I cannot tell you how many articles I’ve read about “Coffee is great for you” followed by several ones about how “Coffee will kill you”.

No one can seem to make up their mind. So I’ve muddled through the paid propaganda and the hate blogs to get some facts and I’m going to share it with you because… well solidarity and all that.

First things first, if you’re like me you definitely stumble into the kitchen straight out of bed, bleary eyed and blindly reach for a cup. There have been memes made about us! The first sip just hits different and kick starts your day, doesn’t it? Now over time I have cut back on my coffee and how! I’ll tell you why. The FDA states that “about 400 mg or 4-5 cups of coffee daily as safe”. However, coffee isn’t the only source of caffeine.  Soft drinks, energy drinks, green or black tea also contain caffeine!

So how much caffeine are you really consuming?  

What's In Your Cuppa?
A good cup of coffee can make or break your day, but how? Caffeine works directly on your nervous system, by binding to adenosine in your blood and adjusting the sleep-wake balance. This is what keeps you alert and awake. The Polyphenols in coffee actually help lower blood pressure and increase blood flow to the heart. There is also evidence that it helps prevent stroke and dementia.

Here’s the flip though, this neuro-stimulant, in excess, triggers adrenaline and initiates the ‘fight-or-flight’ mode which is what makes us anxious and shaky. C’mon, you knew there was going to be a catch. This is why sensitive groups such as pregnant women and young adults should really avoid coffee.

The Flipside
Yes, there’s a flipside that any coffee enthusiast, me included, are very familiar with: the caffeine crash. Right on the heels of a caffeine rush and the resulting burst of energy and focus, is the crash. “A caffeine crash often manifests in the form of sluggishness, anxiety, jitters and an inability to focus.” To get over this, you consume more caffeine, and are invariably destined for another crash. See where I’m going?

Ay I’m not leaving you hanging. You want the energy without the crash? Nature has you covered! Polyphenols are found in many herbs and berries that can be safely consumed by all categories of people.

This is exactly why the good people of Cosmix came up with their All Day Energy’ mix. It’s got so many natural ingredients chock full of polyphenols, that will have you fueled throughout the day! No risk of getting addicted and no energy crashes. You may see this as a marketing plug, but it’s honestly how I got out of having up to 10 cups of coffee a day!

The mix contains:

Orange: Rich source of Vitamin C, that can fuel energy. 

Ashwagandha: Also a potent adaptogen that reduces stress and helps fight fatigue.

Nettle Leaf: Iron rich herb, which gently cleanses the body and helps it carry more oxygen, and to flush out unwanted toxins, for improved wellbeing.

Shilajit: A popular anti-oxidant is also a revitalizer that improves cognitive function.

I know this piece is not going to automatically get you to give up coffee cold turkey and that’s cool, “you do you”. But if your intent is to improve focus and keep a sustained level of energy all through the day, how many cups you drink is a crucial consideration! 

There are other ways to refresh your body and mind. You could either switch to something like All Day Energy, or if you still need coffee in your life, try different roasts to reduce the caffeine content to help you face your day and keep your body in balance as well.

In the end, there’s no such thing as bad food. Coffee isn’t a villain per se. But how much you consume and definitely deserves a second look, no?


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