What your poop says about your Gut Health

Poop is just mostly just undigested foods, salts, bacteria and various substances produced and released by your intestines. But there’s a lot to learn about your gut health from this mundane process you go through. How often do we really notice this to understand what our body is telling us about our health? There are more bacteria in our body than cells, which makes it the most important to look after our gut health to maintain a balance of the gut bacteria. 

On an average, a healthy person poops every other day to 1-3 times a day. A lesser frequency than this means your body needs more hydration. Here’s a reference below for you to understand your poop type and what it means.


Poop personalities and what they mean:


Sausage (normal)

This is the gold-standard of poop type as it indicates regular bowel movements and easier movement. Having a diet with adequate fibers and having a hydrated body helps in easing bowel movements. Have fruits like apples, strawberries, nuts & grains, whole wheat breads, vegetables like beans and carrots added to your diet. Avoid having spicy food, alcohol, added sugars to maintain a healthy digestive system.


Snake (normal, but more hydrated)

This poop type also indicates a healthy gut, but is more hydrated with a normal frequency of bowel movements.


Whipped cream (mild diarrhea)

This poop type is fluffy and mushy in appearance. This could indicate mild diarrhea. Avoid having processed foods, milk and dairy, carbonated drinks. Having fruit juices, cooked vegetables and drinking more water helps with this.


Puddle poop (diarrhea)

This poop type has no solid pieces and appears extremely watery. This means your stool moved easily and too quickly through your bowel, indicating an unhealthy poop. It can be caused due to food poisoning, allergies or even due to irritable bowel syndrome. It’s time to cut down on caffeine, sugars, citrus fruits, excess dairy, onions and raw vegetables until your poop becomes normal. Having fruit juices, clear vegetable broth without grease and having probiotics with your diet helps in regularizing your bowel movements. If the diarrhea gets severe and lasts for more than 2 days, you will have to consult a doctor to avoid severe dehydration.


Pebble poop (constipated)

This poop appears like pebbles / rocks and are hard to pass. This indicates moderate to severe constipation. Consult with your local health professional as it could indicate an unhealthy gut. Having foods rich in fibers like whole grains, lentils and fruits like guava, apples, papaya helps in stimulating bowel movements. It’s necessary to have the right balance of probiotics and prebiotics to maintain a healthy gut.



When should you visit a doctor?

Having difficulty in pooping for longer period of time indicates irregularity in bowel movements that require to be looked at by healthcare professionals. Severe constipation and severe diarrhea indicate serious conditions or a lack of balance in your gut.


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