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Adaptogenic Love Bites

I hate to sound like a cliche, but Valentine's Day and Chocolates go hand in hand. And I have a recipe that'll make even those who feel blah about this whole thing melt.

You need just three ingredients and a refrigerator to make this treat! 

This recipe contains Sleep Like a Baby, making it the perfect snack to nibble on as you unwind post a (romantic) dinner. Hehe. Dark chocolate is a known mood-booster. And berries do what berries do best (antioxidants and vitamins, woohoo)!

The best part is, you can make this your own mood-improving snack by swapping Sleep Like a Baby with Stress Me Not. You can also take it from PM to AM by switching out Sleep Like a Baby with All Day Energy!

Loaded with sinful taste and the goodness of antioxidants and adaptogens, this one is sure to be your go-to self-love ritual! 

You will need: 

Melted dark chocolate

1 tsp Sleep Like a Baby (or Stress Me Not or All Day Energy)

Fresh or dried berries.


Melt chocolate until uniform.

Add a spoon of stress me not and all day energy. Stir properly.

Add in dried berries. Mix it all up.

Pour over baking sheet and refrigerate. 

Break into pieces. Enjoy!⁣

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