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Antioxidant Energising Latte

It's sleepy, snuggly season. And all I wanna do is curl up under layers of woollens and soft blankets. BUT LIFE HAS OTHER PLANS.

And that’s why, this winter, keep your woollens close, but ALL DAY ENERGY closer. Here’s the thing - the season can make us feel more tired and sleepier than usual, almost covering you in that invisible layer of fatigue and lethargy. *yaaawn*

Meet the Antioxidant Energising Latte with All Day Energy!

This mix is packed with adaptogens that:
- Shield your mind from the effects of stress & fatigue
- Help enhance concentration
- Improve physical and mental vitality

Basically, it’s a gentle but potent wake up call WITHOUT the crash that caffeine gives you. 

And now, for the recipe of this yummy smoothie!

You will need:

1 cup coconut milk

1/2 cup strawberries

1 tsp honey

1 tsp All Day Energy

Blend all ingredients together. Pour. Slurp! Have a good day!

Reference: Effects of Adaptogens on the Central Nervous System and the Molecular Mechanisms Associated with Their Stress—Protective Activity by Alexander Panossian and Georg Wikman.

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