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Green Juice for The Post-Festive Blues

The greater the festivities, the harder those blues hit. Are you feeling the post-festive slump? Are you feeling the dip in energy? The difficulty to concentrate? The urge to give your digestive system some extra love? You're not alone. And this is completely normal. But fret not, help is here. 

I’ve got some greens for your post-festive blues. Meet the gut loving, battery recharging green juice, packed with some of my favourite fruits and veggies, and the two mixes to wake up your mind and support your gut.

Why this specific juice? First of all, the ingredients are way too easy! Second of all, spinach is rich in iron, essential vitamins, minerals and alkalising properties to replenish the body. Apple is a natural sweetener, mood-enhancer, and a powerhouse of vitamins A&C. It also helps break down toxins, lowers cholesterol and aids digestion (and after the weekend I've had, bring this on). Cucumber hydrates the cells, regulates body temperature and soothes inflammation. Its high silica content also helps alleviate skin problems, hair loss, and strengthens nails.

In addition, All Day Energy is packed with adaptogens and works as a neuro-protective agent to improve brain function, lift fatigue, enhance concentration and boost overall vitality. Happy Gut contains probiotics and prebiotics which create a healthy gut environment so the friendly bacteria can do their job better and ease the process of food breakdown and nutrient absorption.

1 tsp All Day Energy
1 tsp Happy Gut 

1 cup handful of spinach, thoroughly washed 
1 Apple, ripe, unpeeled and chopped
1 Cucumber, peeled and chopped

And nothing else!

Blend until smooth, pour in your favourite glass and sip. So easy!

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