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About Cosmix


Our Purpose
We create plant-based mixes to provide long lasting nourishment while encouraging people to
approach health holistically and to look beyond toxic beauty standards and stereotypes. We aim to
bring together a community who understand that health and beauty are not skin-deep and help
create a system to seek improvement every day with the right routine and consistency, and be kind
to oneself while practicing self-care to its truest form.

Our story
“A couple of years ago I was pretty reckless with my lifestyle. Once I got diagnosed with PCOS, I
realized that my body was telling me something was lacking. I had to work on myself, understand my
body and get better. I looked for products that could give me the health that my body needed but I
realized that the market out there has a toxic influence on our self-esteem while they promise to
make you ‘skinny’ and ‘flawless’. We are so hard on ourselves while setting goals and we dread the
process towards changing and becoming healthier.
This was why ‘CosMix’ was born – to give everyone the nourishment they need from within to
become healthier, create a community to spread awareness about the toxic beauty standards and
for people to work on themselves without getting overwhelmed. I started researching about
superfoods and nutrition to create mixes targeting the body’s different nutritional needs. I found a
way to work on my body and my lifestyle. I became a vegetarian along the way and yoga and
exercise became an important part of my day. Not only did this help me keep my PCOS in control, it
also made me improve my overall routine and become healthier.
I’m so grateful to be able to practice self-care to its truest meaning and provide the same for others

- Vibha Harish