Is Love Your Liver For Me?

Is Love Your Liver For Me?
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Is Love Your Liver For Me?

A lot of health problems that we may not relate to the liver or the kidneys, actually are! The liver is not only an organ that processes alcohol in our body but is also responsible for detoxification along with the kidneys. Did you know other than alcohol, processed foods, fast foods, and even antibiotics can affect your liver health? 

When we found out, we sat down with our experts and formulated a special blend for you - introducing Love Your Liver!

In a world where liver health is often overlooked, a compromised liver or kidneys can lead to:

  • Frequent fatigue
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Acne or other skin conditions - due to poor detoxification of blood

Hence, taking care of the organs that take care of your overall well-being is very important. That is why we brought together the goodness of superfoods and herbs to formulate the right blend that can help you take care of your liver and kidneys. 

Here are our top star ingredients from our newest blend:

Organic Turmeric

Yes, the golden spice that rules the Indian kitchen is actually great for your liver health as well. The main ingredient in turmeric is a naturally occurring chemical compound called Curcumin, which is a powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties. Turmeric also helps in the regeneration of liver cells so that your liver can continue to thrive!

Bhoomi Amalaki

This whole plant possesses multiple health benefits, but it is especially known to be great for liver health. The plant compounds in Bhoomi Amalaki help protect the liver from cellular damage and improves liver function as well. Hence it is apt that this is one of the star ingredients of the Love Your Liver blend!

Milk Thistle

This flower is not only very pretty but very functional as well. This superfood has a history of helping with curing liver damage, hepatitis, kidney stones, and more. Other than this, milk thistle is said to help improve skin health, which is linked to liver health as well. Want a blend that helps with skincare? Check out Feel Good Skin now.

It is time to show some much-needed love to your liver. Are you ready? Shop Love Your Liver now!

by Shrija B – August 04, 2022