FAQs – CosMix



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1. How can I incorporate plant protein into my daily routine?

This mix can be enjoyed anytime of the day!
If you are active and are using the protein to build muscles and tone your body, consume this as a post workout drink.
If you do not work out, consume this first thing in the morning. This will help to control cravings, increase satiety, boost metabolism and improve mental & physical capabilities throughout the day.

2. Do I need to be working out to consume protein powder?

While you don’t have to be working out to consume this protein mix, your results from using it will definitely be different than someone who is. If you consume this protein but do not workout, you may experience better blood sugar levels and satiety, which could lead to gradual weight loss and better physique. But you will not be able to build muscle mass and tone your body, without working out and eating well, simply by taking this protein (or any protein, really!).

3. What can I expect after consuming plant protein?

Depending on your goal you could expect different results from consuming plant protein. If you consistently work out, consuming No - Nonsense Plant Protein will help to build muscle mass and tone your body, along with supporting faster recovery and increased stamina for subsequent workouts. If you’re consuming No - Nonsense Plant Protein to fill nutritional gaps in your diet then it will help you to improve energy levels during the day, increase satiety and curb cravings.

4. Will it help me lose/gain weight?

Adding more protein to your diet can result in different outcomes, based on one’s lifestyle and diet. Someone who does strength training, can consume this as a post-workout drink and follow a wholesome diet, to build muscle mass.
But someone who is looking to lose weight, can consume the protein as a way to deal with unwanted cravings. Protein can help keep one fuller for longer, leading to gradual weight loss. Increasing protein intake and replacing carbohydrate/fat heavy food can appease the hunger hormones, leading to lower calorie intake and weight loss.

5. What is one serving size?

One serving size is 38g of the protein powder, i.e 1 scoops. One serving contains 24g of protein.