Healthy Hair
Healthy Hair

Size: Jar - 60 g (40 servings)

Healthy Hair
Healthy Hair
Healthy Hair
Healthy Hair
Healthy Hair

The Missing Link - Circulation

What to expect


  • Reduced Hairfall


  • Improved hair growth
  • Stronger hair
  • Improvement in hair quality & texture
  1. Add ¼ to ½ tsp of Healthy Hair to water.
  2. Stir well, sip, and enjoy
Anytime in the day, as long as you are consistent. Ideally, we recommend taking it first thing in the morning or mixing it with your breakfast, if your stomach is sensitive.
Strawberry, Pink Pitaya, Bamboo Shoot, Nettle Leaf, Horsetail, Amla, Goji Berry, Monk Fruit. That’s all!

"This mix is made with no sugars and no BS. The ingredients in Healthy Hair are sourced carefully to ensure the highest quality and the preservation of its nutrients."


*Bio-individuality is a very real concept that we believe in, here at Cosmix. Since no two bodies are made the same, they will react differently to the same product.

That’s What They Said

Customer Reviews

Based on 354 reviews
Aishwarya Nayak
Great find!

I’ve not had any side effects with this, that’s been great. I like how I don’t need to add sugar to this what I’m drinking this with water.

aastha .
Protein powder is good and easy to take

Protein powder is tasty and easy to consume. Its various flavours are all good.

Sama Jashnani
Love it

Great product

Ujwala Rajpurkar
Review by Ujwala

Cosmix products are good. I hv been using it since last month and it helped me improve my gut. Regarding hair products it is too early to comment on it.

Pankaj Reddy
Cosmix Healthy Hair Product review

excellent product, I am using this product for the last 1 month this my IMPROVED HAIR GROWTH

Got Some More Questions?

Will my hair fall come back after I stop consuming Healthy Hair?

This may be different for each individual. If this mix helps you with your hair loss and you’re looking to discontinue usage of this product while maintaining your hair health, we would recommend slowly decreasing the dose of Healthy Hair after experiencing visible positive changes. If you are maintaining a healthy diet, lifestyle, managing stress effectively, and still experiencing hair loss after discontinuing this product, you might be experiencing a chronic, auto-immune, or hormone-related condition, and as a result, experiencing hair loss as a symptom. Healthy Hair is a safe product for long-term use and while some only need it temporarily, it is safe to consume daily.

How can I know if my hair fall is hormonal as a woman? In that case, can I pair "What Women Want” with "Healthy Hair”?

For any woman experiencing hormonal imbalances, Healthy Hair is best paired with What Women Want. If you experience other signs of hormonal imbalance such as irregular menstrual cycles, severe mood swings, cramps, or have pre-existing conditions related to an imbalance of hormones such as PCOS or endometriosis, your hair loss might be hormone-related. Menopause can also trigger hormonal hair loss and thinning of hair in women. By pairing What Women Want with Healthy Hair, your body comes back to a state of hormonal balance and your hair should naturally start to regain its original composure and shine.

Can Healthy Hair help with alopecia?

Many studies have linked alopecia to high oxidative stress in the body. Oxidative stress occurs when your body has an imbalance of free radicals and is unable to naturally detox itself. Herbs and foods high in antioxidants have been found to be some of the most effective ways to combat oxidative stress. Amla, Goji Berry, Strawberries, and Pink Pitaya are all very high in vitamins and can increase antioxidants in the body and hence equip the body to detox itself and prevent oxidative stress naturally.

What is the shelf life of this product?

Healthy Hair has a shelf life of 12 months from the date of manufacturing. 

Can I mix 2 or 3 supplements?

Yes, you absolutely can. Our mixes are safe to be consumed together, just make sure that you're keeping yourself well-hydrated! Please keep in mind that All Day Energy cannot be consumed with Sleep Like A Baby as they are meant to be had at different times of the day.

Is this tested for heavy metals & toxins?

Yes, every batch is tested in 3rd party labs for heavy metals, mycotoxins, mold, yeast and pesticides.