How To Take Care Of Your Cosmix Jars

How To Take Care Of Your Cosmix Jars
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How To Take Care Of Your Cosmix Jars

Picture this: you wake up one morning, excited to take your daily dose of Feel Good Skin, only to find the once perfectly fine powder mix is now in clumps. Why? Because it’s not being stored right! If you’ve been ignoring the ‘store in a cool and dry place’ disclaimer, it’s time to rethink things –– especially since none of our mixes contain preservatives and therefore need to be consumed within six months. With the constant change in temperature and humidity, the natural herbs and berries present in all the mixes are bound to trap moisture and harden if not taken care of correctly. I mean, you sweat bullets with the rise in heat and humidity, so you can only imagine what will happen to the powder. The consequence? Waste of some very good products and of course, a rather disappointed you. 

Here’s a little guide that’ll help you take care of your Cosmix jars, ensuring that they serve their duty all throughout their use.

#1 - Tighten Your Jars

Always make sure that you tighten the lid properly after use. Even if you live in the driest of climates, there is always a little moisture present in the air. Not tightening the lid of your jars, allows that air to enter it and settle into the mix. With time and overexposure, you’ll start to notice a change in the powder –– it’ll either become lumpy or start to harden. That’s why you need to take advantage of our airtight jars and squeeze the lid tight after use. 

#2 - Watch Your Spoon

The spoon you use to pick up the powder needs to always be dry –– not wet, not damp…just bone dry. The moment you introduce a damp or wet spoon to the powder, you are adding moisture to it. This, once again causes the powder to clump up and harden. Wipe the spoon with a dry towel or a tissue paper before you insert it into your jar.

#3 - *Actually* Store In A Cool Dark Place

None of our mixes are meant for the refrigerator. When you keep removing and placing any powder in the refrigerator, you expose it to moisture. The temperature variation between the outside world and inside your refrigerator cause the moisture trapped in the jar to condensate. This not only causes the powder to harden, but can reduce the shelf life of the product. Feel free to store your Cosmix jars in a closed cabinet that isn’t exposed to direct sunlight, heat, or moisture.

#4 - Transfer Right

Bought a refill pack and need to transfer it to your OG jar? Make sure that the jar is void of any moisture. Take a paper towel and wipe the insides just to be sure. If you’re using a scoop spoon to transfer the powder, then wipe that dry too! Alternatively, you can make a small incision in the corner of the refill packet and gently pour the powder into the jar.

#5 - Be Consistent With Your Mixes 

Make sure to be consistent with your mixes and don't leave them unattended for days. The mixes may harden over time if not stored properly as we do not add any anticaking agents or preservatives to our mixes. 

The rules that apply to your kitchen essentials like coffee, tea, or sugar, apply to your mixes too –– just be extra wary and careful about keeping the jars safe, so that the powder doesn’t harden and go to waste.

by Tatiana Dias – May 31, 2022


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