My Happy Gut

Rs. 780.00

So Matcha Better

Rs. 700.00

The Cosmix Supply Chain

Super-herbs, superfoods and adaptogens sourced directly from our farm partners.
Formulated into special mixes for you
The same superfoods go into making nutrition bars for kids fighting malnourishment.


“Vibha sources from small farms across Karnataka, and with herbalists, and
nutritionists, from India and across the world, she’s developed a range of
powders that can be easily added to your daily drink”

“Part of their profits go to fund the company's "Nutrition for All"
program, which donates food and energy bars to
malnourished children in rural India”


"Feel Good Skin, has been a blessing in disguise. My skin has never looked healthier!"

Aparna Ramachandran

"After struggling with Gerd & IBS for 8 years, I saw results within 2 weeks of Happy Gut!"

Ahaana Khosla

"Feel Good Skin" is a miracle in a jar that's worked so well to help me manage my skin."