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The recent times have taken a toll on all of us and it’s really important that we focus on our mental health! I’m finding new ways to manage my stress levels and be a little more productive and happy. To avoid constant stress and burnout and to maintain my health, I always make time for my selfcare rituals everyday.
This “Stress Me not” mix is a new addition! I'm having it with a glass of warm water at night and keeping a track of my routine in the CosMix wellness journal too.

Yashwant Singh (@yash_want_skincare)
Skincare and wellness enthusiast

Cosmix All Day Energy has been a great support in my daily routine and work. This energy source is effective, fast-acting, and 100% natural. It definitely feels good in the body and my mind works clearer and faster with this supplement. 

Kamya Buch ( @wanderingkamya )
Travel Blogger, Founder of NGO Healing Planet Earth

 Cosmix is one of those brands where the nutrition labels of the products are as clean as it gets. I use the gut, hair and skin powders and add it to my smoothies and oats, and love that the taste always goes undetected. Safe to say, these three powders are now my pantry staples for the good that it’s done both in and out.

Shraddha ( @wehatekale )
Fitness enthusiast, trainer

I love cosmix healthy hair because I’ve used it and I am continuing to use it. It is part of my daily routine now. It has maintained my hair health, strengthening the hair from within and it’s absolutely safe to consume since it’s all natural& plant-based. The combination of vitamin C and iron from amla and Moringa are a powerful combination to boost hair health. It’s also rich in antioxidants and good fats overall making it a perfect mix for hair health. Unlike a tablet that needs to be swallowed you can consume this just with water or add it to a smoothies or even into a roti. It’s so versatile.

Dr. Nikita Suresh, PhD @nikynutrition
Nutritionist, Zumba Fitness Instructor

As a teenager, I've always faced skin issues and excess acne. After trying a lot of products in the market, I found the Cosmix "Feel Good Skin" my ultimate savior! I've been having it with my tea every day for the past one and a half months and am so happy with the results. Going to try the "Healthy Hair" Cosmix powder next!

Trishita Bhattacharya @overrated_outcast
Traveller, Photographer, Gopro Ambassador

Being a health professional and enthusiast, I am always looking for growth in every area of my health and very particular about what I use externally or consume for improving my health. Recently I tried a product Cosmix Healthy Hair, and I must say I was amazed to see the positive changes in my hair within a few weeks itself. If you are looking for improving your hair health, you must give a try to Cosmix Hair Health.

Naveen @yogawithnaveen
Yoga Teacher, Health Coach, Founder of Ashmayuyoga