Love Caffeine, Hate The Crash? There’s A Healthy Way To Deal With It!

Love Caffeine, Hate The Crash? There’s A Healthy Way To Deal With It!
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Love Caffeine, Hate The Crash? There’s A Healthy Way To Deal With It!

If your day begins, continues, and ends with a whole lot (or even a few) kicks of caffeine, you’re not alone. For me, one cup of coffee is all I need to awaken my senses from the dead. Before that cup of Joe, I cannot function and if anybody dares to approach me, I’ll either greet them with a yawn, a snap, or literally look through you like you don’t exist. It isn’t personal, it’s just me without my dose of morning caffeine.

For many, this ‘addiction’ serves its purpose when you need it the most –– however, when that energy burns away you find yourself in a slump. The music stops and the party in your body suddenly comes to a halt. In such cases, you have two options – brace the fall or pour yourself another cup. But there’s a secret third option, which involves managing your caffeine crash. Read on to find out what you can do to avoid that slump.

Why do you experience a caffeine crash?

The Roller Coaster Ride Of Caffeine 🎢

Caffeine is quite the trickster –– it gives you the illusion of having energy, but in reality it does nothing of that sort. Think of caffeine as that paracetamol you take when your head aches –– it takes away the pain temporarily, but as soon as the effects wear off, you’re back to where it started. Similarly, when you feel the caffeine kick in, it’s just your body reacting to its effects for the time being. And then down we go!

This happens because caffeine triggers your central nervous system, which in turn makes you more focused and highly alert. It also gives you an adrenaline rush, which explains the ‘fake’ boost of energy you seem to witness. When your body breaks down that caffeine, that adrenaline fades away, slowing down activity. Hence, the caffeine crash.

How to recover from a caffeine crash?

Cushioning The Ride 🏎

If you’re anything like me, giving up coffee isn’t an option. You can reduce your intake, but that one cup is definitely required. Fret not, there are quick fixes that can prevent or at least cushion that caffeine crash. What are they? Read on to find out more!

#1 - Keep Hydrated 💧 

Caffeine is a diuretic which means it dehydrates your body and how, so it’s important to keep hydrated all through the day. We mean water and fresh juices only –– so for every cup of caffeine you’re consuming, try and have at least two glasses of water, just to balance your system out!

Aim for around 10 to 12 glasses of liquid (other than coffee) per day, to avoid that caffeine crash from consuming you.

#2 - Snooze In 😴

Getting your beauty sleep is an absolute essential! It’s easier said than done (hint hint, Instagram keeps calling), however sticking to a proper sleep schedule is the way to go. When you don’t sleep well or don’t get enough hours of rest, your system relies on a stimulant to wake it up –– step in caffeine. The moment that stimulant wears off, you feel the fatigue setting in once again. To avoid the crash, it’s important to get in enough sleep –– this way your body doesn’t rely on caffeine to stay awake.

#3 - Munch Away 🤤

A balanced diet is all you need to cancel out the after effects of your caffeine. While caffeine ‘pretends’ to charge your battery, it actually drains it. That’s why you need a wholesome amount of nutrients in your meal, to cancel out the after effects of that crash. Make sure you balance out your caffeinated drinks (and blood sugar levels) with meals that give your body the vitamins and proteins aka actual fuel required to boost energy.

#4 - Time Your Caffeine Kicks

Nobody is asking you to quit cold turkey! All you have to do is pace your cups out and then slowly reduce the amount you are consuming in a day. Eventually bring down your intake to a maximum of two cups –– one in the morning and one in the late afternoon. Avoid consuming any caffeine before heading to bed! This’ll only push your bedtime off schedule, and send you spiralling into the same rabbit hole.

#5 - Pair Your Caffeine 🧃

If lack of energy is an issue, try and pace your caffeine out with a natural alternative. Instead of reaching out for that cup of joe, simply opt for a supplement that gives you the same effects of caffeine, without the crash, like Matcha! Our All Day Energy mix is also loaded with herbs and roots that provide the body with essential nutrients that boost energy naturally. This is a great substitute for your morning coffee, and keeps you away from that afternoon post-lunch slump.

Another option is to mix your coffee with a booster –– it’s a great way to ‘healthify’ your coffee, while making the most out of its benefits. Our Shroom Coffee Booster mix helps prevent those unfortunate caffeine crashes and also aids in alleviating stress, improving sleep quality, and reducing oxidative stress. In short, you can sip your coffee away without having to worry about the crash.

by Tatiana Dias – August 18, 2023