What can be the cause of my skin problems? Understanding the Liver-Skin Axis

What can be the cause of my skin problems? Understanding the Liver-Skin Axis

Probably one of the only organs of your body that is capable of self repair, your liver does more than process alcohol. It breaks down toxins, filters out waste and helps your body assimilate and store key nutrients. As such, it has a direct impact on your skin.

Let’s understand how.

Everything you eat, drink, and absorb from around you, is filtered out by your liver, the elimination organ. Key nutrients are processed and toxins are eliminated. When you aren’t mindful about the processed and refined foods you consume, you risk over-exposing your liver to too many toxins, thereby impacting your skin.

Here’s what goes down when you overburden your liver:

  • It gets tired and overworked, causing your kidneys and skin to pick up the slack instead.
  • This results in those impurities exiting your body via your epidermis i.e. the upper layer of your skin.
  • This process of eliminating impurities through your skin can irritate and inflame it, which causes problems like breakouts!

One of many things Cosmix’s Feel Good Skin does, is target this liver and skin connection with the help of Burdock Root, a powerful adaptogen that detoxifies your liver and purifies your blood to maintain overall skin health.

So if you're looking for a holistic solution to improve your skin health, make sure to check out Feel Good Skin which can address many of these concerns. 




by Aashna Khanna – September 18, 2021