Top 7 adaptogens to add to your beauty routine for glowing skin and hair growth in 2022

Top 7 adaptogens to add to your beauty routine for glowing skin and hair growth in 2022
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Top 7 adaptogens to add to your beauty routine for glowing skin and hair growth in 2022

Edited by Aparrna Gupta

Earlier this year, we sent beauty and wellness writer Aparrna Gupta (@aparrnawritesbeauty) our plant-based adaptogen blends to try. We appreciate her ‘beauty-inside-out’ approach to glowing skin and hair and how she frequently shares her insights on social media about ‘beautiful living’ as a balance between abundance and sustainability.Aparrna embraced and appreciated the concept of beauty superfoods but left us with a question – what if it could taste better? This feedback resonated with others we received. Recently we updated our best-sellers, ‘Healthy Hair’ and ‘Feel Good Skin’, improving their taste profile while also increasing their potency.

And that’s when Aparrna got into a detailed conversation with our founder Vibha Harish on the ingredients, benefits and sourcing of Cosmix products.

AG: What are adaptogens?
VH: Adaptogens are plants that possess a unique ability to ‘adapt’ to the change in an environment. In a nutshell, adaptogenic herbs can identify an imbalance in the system and help restore balance.

AG: Why should we include adaptogens in our diets?
VH: Homeostasis, i.e. balance between external environments and our body’s internal environments, is essential for our overall health and well-being. An imbalance in these shows up in different ways. In a modern context, the stressful, fast-paced lives we live affect our gut, sleep, skin, and hair. In today’s times, adaptogens help our internal systems adapt, adjust and return to a balanced state of being.

AG: Why is including adaptogens different from having supplements? 
VH: Supplements act as a stop-gap solution; they don’t solve a problem from a long-term perspective. On the other hand, adaptogens rely on your body’s natural ability to heal and balance itself. This characteristic becomes the differentiator because each body works differently and has different needs. Adaptogens ‘adapt’ to your body’s specific needs and help it achieve optimal wellness.

AG: What's the idea behind Cosmix herbal mixes - 'Healthy Hair' and 'Feel Good Skin'?
VH: The core idea behind each mix is to nudge people towards holistic health. These mixes don't just "fix" a problem; for the time being, it acts as a support system in the same way as our meals and veggies do. In particular, our mixes 'Healthy Hair' and 'Feel Good Skin' address concerns at a cellular and physiological level. So much of skincare is focused on topical care. But we fail to consider that most of our skin issues are a manifestation of internal problems like gut imbalance, cellular damage and ageing, hormonal imbalance, insufficient micronutrients to the skin and hair.

The goal of ‘Healthy Hair’ and ‘Feel Good Skin’ is to help address these intrinsic issues and nourish the very cells that make up our hair and skin. This ensures that your skin and hair look their best because they are healthy and nourished and minimizes your dependence on topical care.

AG: Who needs adaptogens?
VH: Anyone who’s been struggling with unmitigated hair-fall and scalp issues, dullness, acne and weakened skin due to internal problems stand to benefit from these mixes.

AG: How can we use it?
VH: ‘Healthy Hair’ and ‘Feel Good Skin’ have been reformulated for more significant, more holistic benefits and ease of use. You need to take around half a teaspoon of a mix and add it to plain water. ‘Healthy Hair’ tastes like berries and ‘Feel Good Skin’ tastes like watermelon due to its natural ingredients. 

AG: What if I have 'healthy' food? Why do I still need the mixes? 
VH: In our current lifestyles, having healthy food is essential, but there's also a higher chance of our body not getting enough micronutrients either due to the quality of ingredients or our lifestyle stressors in general. These mixes are formulated with high-quality superfoods sourced carefully from our farms in India and across the world. They help give our body that added support and more targeted care, while our daily diet takes care of everything else.

Here are the top seven adaptogens according to herbalist Vibha proven to give you glowing skin and lustrous hair.
1. Amla or Indian Gooseberry
Nourishes hair follicles and improves scalp health to prevent damage and stimulate healthy hair growth.

2. Goji berry
Used in Chinese medicine due to it being rich in essential minerals that promote hair and scalp health.

3. Centella Asiatica 
A mild adaptogen that helps with collagen production and offers anti-inflammatory benefits.

4. Maqui Berry
A powerhouse of anthocyanins helps protect skin from UV damage and lends antioxidant protection – a critical factor in maintaining firmer, plumper skin.

5. Nettle Leaf
This herb is high in silica and sulphur, which combat hair loss and promote hair growth while restoring hair's natural colour. Nettle also balances the effects of hormone-related hair loss. 

6. Horsetail
It contains high amounts of silica which increases the thickness and growth of hair. It also improves blood circulation, which causes hair to grow faster. 

7. Gingko
It benefits the body's ability to handle stressors. It counteracts the effects of high-stress hormones, like cortisol and adrenaline, thereby helping combat stress-related hair and skin issues.

Intrigued by the many benefits of these adaptogens and want to try them out yourself? Shop Cosmix's plant-based blends here.

by Aashna Khanna – December 31, 2021