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Sleep Like a Baby: All You Need to Know

Are the tires of your sleep cycle out of air? Does counting sheep of no help? Is sleeping easily and on time still a distant dream? You need Sleep Like a Baby in your life. But, first, here’s everything you need to know. 

What exactly does Sleep Like a Baby do? 

With its mindfully formulated blend of herbs, Sleep Like a Baby relaxes your body and mind and helps you wind down at the end of the day, so you can slip into sleep effortlessly. It contains adaptogens that support the body’s ability to adapt to various physical and emotional stressors, help alleviate fatigue and also stabilize emotional disturbances.

How does it work?

Sleep, as simple as the word appears, is a complex mechanism of the body’s way of handling the stressful activities you put yourself through, during the waking period. It ensures adequate rest for your internal machinery and prepares your body and brain to handle the following day efficiently. A good night’s sleep is also proven to improve memory and learning capacity. 

The primary sleep controlling hormone in the human body is Melatonin – the sleep hormone – which signals your brain that it is time to sleep as it gets darker. It is thus observed that there are automatically higher levels of melatonin during the evenings. The indications for night and day are understood based on inputs from what is called the hypothalamus- a part of the brain that controls sleep, hunger, thirst etc. The hypothalamus uses a second messenger hormone called Serotonin – the happy hormone – to act on its own, as well as trigger the earlier mentioned Melatonin, and the duo then produce a wave of calm in the ‘wake’ regions of the brain. The ‘wake’ switch is then flipped, slowly, and the body thus enters a state of sleep. It is vital that both the hormones function optimally and at the right time to produce what is called ‘good sleep’. 

Besides the principal process of sleep induction, the body, being very sensitive to any trigger whatsoever, is found to frequently override the ‘sleep switch’ should the person be in any state of stress, anxiety or pain. With a stressful event, there is a rise in Cortisol – the stress hormone – that switches the body to not merely ‘awake’ but ‘active’ mode, similar to a state of exercise. The body is deprived of the much needed sleep, and is exhausting reserves of energy to stay ‘active’ at an unnecessary time. This, in the long run, leads to fatigue and exhaustion when the energy reserves begin to deplete. 

At this point, the agents in Sleep Like A Baby throw out the perfect calming lifeline to the body and induce a state of tranquillity, thus saving the body from excess levels of the stress hormone and in turn allowing the body’s own sleep mechanism to ensue. The antioxidants and anti-stressor agents fight off all that is keeping the body in the ‘wake’ mode by increasing levels of a certain hormone called GABA, which works to suppress over-activity of the brain. As the brain’s sleep-wake cycle is being regulated, quick onset and superior quality of sleep is achieved.

What is the ‘Sleep Like A Baby’ made of?

Ashwagandha, well known for its antioxidant and particularly, its anti-stress properties. It allays symptoms associated with stress and anxiety, which in turn produces a calming effect that helps with insomnia and improves quality of sleep.

Jatamansi, also called Valerian root, promotes awareness, relaxation and support to the brain. It is a powerful calming agent used in improvement of initiation, duration and depth of sleep.

Chamomile is a commonly used sleep inducer, usually available in tea form. However, its active agent- ‘Apigenin’, an antioxidant, has been extracted and is used in this mix which serves the same function as in the tea. It works to reduce anxiety and thus induce sleep.

Schisandra is a potent adaptogen that supports the body’s ability to accommodate or ‘adapt’ to varying physical and emotional stressors – that reduces general fatigue, tiredness, irritability and sleeplessness. It also helps stabilize emotional disturbances and equips you to handle stress better.

Sleep Like A Baby thus forms a 4-in-1 powerful product, in terms of efficacy and potency when compared to its counterparts.

How much should I take?

Most of our customers have found helpful results with consumption of 1/4-1/2 teaspoon of the mix. 

When should I take it?

The mix can be taken 15 to 30 minutes before bedtime, allowing for a minimum onset time. It may be consumed with a glass of milk or warm water, as per your preference.

Does it have any side effects?

Sleep Like A Baby is a combination of naturally occurring herbal plants in extremely minute quantities, enough only to produce desirable effects on the sleep-controlling region of the brain. This concentration, therefore, is not expected to produce any undesirable side effects. Our customers, having been regular consumers of Sleep Like A Baby, have been extremely happy with the results and have had no complaints so far.

However, it must be borne in mind that certain people’s bodies respond differently to different plant products and hence, kindly seek professional help in case of any unprecedented symptoms.

How quickly does it act?

As is for most foods, the mix is expected to have an onset of action ranging between 10 and 30 minutes on an average. This depends on factors such as: the previous meal, activity being engaged in prior to sleep etc. We suggest winding down from your day an hour before bedtime, for best results!

Will I be groggy the next day?

Sleep Like a Baby is formulated with utmost care to provide you with just the right amount of sleep - no more, no less. The mix has shown to lend a satisfying sleep onset and waking experience for most of our users, with no feedback of residual drowsiness so far. 

However, each user’s experience is unique to their body metabolism and should you feel anything unusual, kindly provide us with your feedback.

Will it help with my insomnia?

The chart-topping cause for insomnia is mental stress, anxiety stemming from work pressure, familial matters, relationships etc., which are often ignored. While addressing the root cause of insomnia is key to eradicating sleep irregularity altogether, if this is a one-off situation for you, then Sleep Like A Baby may come to the rescue and alleviate any temporary cause of worry, thus allowing you to get deep sleep for the desirable duration. 

Multiple customers, suffering from sleeplessness on various occasions, have provided us with extremely positive feedback on how the mix has helped them achieve good sleep, some with just a single use!

If my sleep pattern regularizes, should I stop?

A regular sleep pattern is a reflection of positive mental health. It is prudent to maintain its regularity and thus, reap the benefits that follow a good, healthy sleep-lifestyle. If Sleep Like A Baby has helped regularize your onset and duration of sleep, we recommend continuing its usage as it is not medication of any kind. It simply helps your brain get the rest it deserves. 

Should I only take this when I have issues falling asleep?

While trouble falling asleep can be an induction point to your journey with Sleep Like A Baby, we advocate its usage at the end of any kind of day you may have had. Be it that of coming home from a tiring day at the office, anticipation for an exciting next morning, or simply that you’re bored and can't fall asleep, make yourself a milkshake with the mix and enjoy your dreams!

How is this different from sleeping pills?

Sleeping pills are chemical compounds designed to drastically affect neurotransmitters (chemicals in your brain that help in communication between parts of the brain) and thus treat sleep-related medical conditions. These medicines function as a substitute to the naturally occurring bodily hormones and thus take over their function so as to control the dysfunctional machinery. 

Sleep Like A Baby, on the other hand, has no similar structure to that of the medicines and merely allows the body to do its own job by gently assisting it in the process. It acts to prevent negative influences that may hinder the natural cycle, thus making it body-friendly.

Is it addictive?

No. Since it has no particular medical properties that are used to treat diagnosed conditions, it, correspondingly, does not have addiction causing properties and it can be consumed without any worries. 

Can this product be given to children?

Childhood sleep related disorders often require medical attention. Apart from conditions that warrant treatment, children do not normally suffer from sleeplessness caused by stress or anxiety, as they have agile and quick-acting systems to address benign issues. We, therefore, do not advocate giving this product to children.

Is this safe for pregnant and/or lactating women?

The components pose no imminent risk to pregnant or lactating mothers. However, we do not recommend its usage in such states without the supervision of a doctor.

Can this be taken along with other medication?

That would depend entirely on the condition and the medication prescribed. Although we do not expect there to be any detrimental interaction between our mix and the medication, we advise consulting with your physician before its use.

Can this mix be combined with other Cosmix products?

Yes, of course! Most of our other products can work hand-in-hand with Sleep Like A Baby. Except, of course, All Day Energy, for obvious reasons. 

Does this also help with excessive sleepiness?

Hypersomnia is, in most cases, the result of too much stress hormone! It simply represents a later stage in the domino effect of altered body hormones and comes right after the ignored stage of sleeplessness. So, the answer is, yes! Sleep Like A Baby will help in bringing the cycle back to normal to a large extent.

Hypersomnia, by itself, can be explained by sleep cycle irregularity. However, in case of any other symptoms or prolonged hypersomnia, we suggest a diagnosis by a qualified medical personnel. 

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