Hello, welcome to Cosmix.

Settle down, make yourselves comfortable. You’re on a journey to becoming healthier – to meet your better, healthier, happier self, who’s waiting for you on the other side of the chaos, the stress, the clutter and the tizzy of our lifestyles and the consequences it brings. Rest assured, you’re not alone. I’ll be your companion on this journey. I have for you a carefully put together line of plant-based mixes that not only nourish you in the areas of your life that need nourishment, but also encourage you to approach health holistically. Along the way, you’ll also be nudged to look beyond toxic beauty standards and stereotypes, be kinder to yourself, and embrace the magic that lies in being healthy and happy inside out.

Origin Story

How did I come into being? Ready for a little bit of time travel? It all began a couple of years ago, when my founder Vibha Harish was diagnosed with PCOS – a moment that pushed her to relook at her lifestyle. She realised that she had some serious work to do and began to look for products that could give her the health that her body needed but instead only found things that had a toxic influence on her self-esteem. And so, like learners, sages and hermits, poets and artists, wanderers and explorers turn to Mother Nature in their time of need, Vibha too undertook a similar journey. She started studying superfoods and nutrition to create mixes that catered to the body’s various nutritional needs. And when she emerged, so did I.

What You’ll Find Here…

In this house, everyone gets the nourishment they need from within. With these plant-based mixes comes a community of people dedicated to working on themselves without being overwhelmed. There is no overnight fix for a problem that’s been a lifetime in the making. But, with consistent, mindful changes, great health is anything but a fantasy, I promise you.

At the Soul of What I Do…

Nourishment for ALL is a program that aims to fight malnourishment among kids. We started in a village called Kolala, distributing Spirulina energy bars to children, to move them from ‘highly and mildly malnourished’ to ‘nourished’. This work has been undertaken in association with anganwadi workers in the area. These energy bars are specially created to provide the kids with 10-40 mg superfoods per day, in accordance with a study conducted by CFTRI. When we started 10 months ago, we had 600 children under our care. Today, we have distributed more than 1,80,000 spirulina bars to children. And they will continue receiving this until they are no longer in the danger zone, until malnourishment is a thing of the past in this country. Because, when I say everybody grows, I mean EVERYBODY.