All About Mushroom Coffee - Does It Prevent Crashes & Jitters?

All About Mushroom Coffee - Does It Prevent Crashes & Jitters?
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All About Mushroom Coffee - Does It Prevent Crashes & Jitters?

Coffee and jitters are buddies that often come together. Jitters are associated with caffeine intake and cause shakiness and nervousness which can eventually lead to a crash. When you’re drinking coffee, there’s a HIGH amount of caffeine that enters your system, and along with that, your body gets dehydrated too, thanks to the cuppa.

What exactly is a coffee crash?

Hey, ever wondered why you feel all sleepy and irritable when your coffee "wears off"? Here’s the science behind it:

Let us introduce you to Adenosine, which is an organic compound in your brain that promotes sleep. When you spend more energy throughout the day, your body produces more adenosine which means better zzzs. Now, caffeine is a foe of adenosine and they do not see eye to eye. Why? Because caffeine blocks adenosine from reaching its receptors, so when it wears off, ALL the built-up adenosine finally tells your brain it’s time to sleep. And that friends, is what we call a coffee crash.

So what can you do about it?

Reducing the amount of coffee you consume and proper hydration may help, but if you still feel it, you should try and go caffeine-free. However, we do understand that going caffeine-free is easier said than done for many people. Hence, adding a blend to your coffee cup that can drive away these side effects of caffeine can help.

Enter Cosmix Shroom Immune Coffee Booster!

Our Shroom Immune Coffee Booster has superfood shrooms like Lion's mane and Silver ear that have neuroprotective elements. That simply means it can help you deal with the negative effects your cuppa has on your nervous system! All you have to do is add 1/2 tsp of this blend to your coffee and viola! You’re good to go!


How this shroom-packed blend works –

The shrooms in Shroom Immune Coffee Booster work in synergy to help offset this “crash” by:

  • Boosting brain function and providing long-lasting energy
  • Naturally promoting melatonin
  • Countering stressors

If you’ve ever felt the side effects of coffee like the jitters and the crash, Shroom Immune Coffee Booster can become your coffee’s best friend. This amazing blend is available in two different flavours - Indonesian Cacao and Real Kerala Vanilla Bean. Shop now!

by Shrija B – July 29, 2022