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All Day Energy: All You Need to Know

In a world where we are constantly on the go, it feels like none of us have the energy to keep up. From the demands of your job, to keeping up with passion projects, to spending time with family, and making the time to socialize with friends - it can seem like you just don't have the energy for it all. I know it feels that way for me. 

But when we are looking for energy to make it through our day, what do we turn to?

I, for one, end up reaching for my favourite iced latte with an extra shot of espresso and a pump or two of sugar syrup. While I do feel energized (at least for a little while) and manage to get a few things done, I’m usually worse off than I started. While caffeine and sugar can give us the necessary energy to power through few hours, it is in no-way a good solution for boosting your energy. 

Meet the new and improved All Day Energy - our caffeine free solution for sustained energy! 

This has been reformulated with the goodness of Vitamin C from oranges and lemons, and taps into the nourishing properties of Nettle Leaf and Shilajit, to make the most of your body’s natural energy. 

What exactly does All Day Energy do?
All Day Energy is an adaptogenic blend that goes a step beyond the conventional coffee, tea, or energy drink in providing energy. It doesn’t offer a quick fix solution through caffeine or sugar - which is usually followed by crashes. But rather, it takes a sustainable approach to utilizing your natural energy by supporting it in stress management, in maintaining gut health, nourishing it with essential nutrients for energy production and by removing any toxins lowering energy levels.

It especially provides the body with Iron, Vitamin B, Amino Acids, and Vitamin C, all of which are naturally occurring in the body and can help provide stable energy and can boost focus. 

What goes into All Day Energy?
The latest version of All Day Energy contains Nettle Leaf, Ginger, Orange, and Burdock Root, in addition to the earlier ingredients such as Rhodhiola and Shilajit.

Nettle and Burdock root are rich sources of iron, and are especially great for detoxing the blood and the gut - two places where toxins that cause fatigue can be present. Removing these can help create and maintain natural energy, as the body isn’t spending time or effort in removing toxins. Ginger also works along with these herbs to increase blood flow and to aid in digestion, leading to more balanced gut health and improved serotonin production. 

Nettle, Ginger and Shilajit all work together to balance blood sugar levels as well, keeping energy levels stable through the day. The ingredients in the mix also promote better quality sleep by regulating the body’s internal clock, which in turn helps to boost energy, focus and mood.

The new formula of All Day Energy also contains orange which is high in Vitamin C which is a natural energizer and mood enhancer. Orange is also important in this formulation, as it works well with Nettle, Shilajit and Burdock Root to increase the body’s ability to absorb iron.

What does All Day Energy taste like? What can it be paired with?
Thanks to the orange, and lemon, the new all day energy is  a refreshing, citrusy mix with hints of earthy flavours from the herbs. It also has hints of vanilla flavour, and hence tastes great in a number of ways. It works really well with tropical flavours like coconut milk and or even in simple lemonades and smoothies. 

How should I consume All Day Energy and when?
As a solution for boosting energy, it makes sense that the All Day Energy blend should be ideally taken in the morning. According to our resident herbalists, the best way to make the most of this mix is to have it in a glass of warm water in the morning, before consuming any solids. This lets the herbs work on helping the body, without being affected by the demands of detoxification and/or digestion.

That being said, you can take it anytime during the day when you feel like you need me a pick-me-up, especially to combat the afternoon slump. 

What other changes should I make for better energy? 
For better energy levels, and to maintain it through the day, there are some  lifestyle changes that can be made:

  • Eating heavier meals in the afternoon, when digestion is at its peak, and not later in the day. 
  • Staying hydrated can help to reduce cravings and to maintain natural energy. 
  • Developing a solid routine, especially for the mornings, can set the tone for the day, and provide more energy. 
  • Finding out and addressing the root cause of low energy or fatigue. 

How long before I start to experience the effects of All Day Energy?
The results of using All Day Energy can be experienced in the short term and long term. The root cause of your low energy - whatever that maybe - can also decide your results. But if you’ve made positive lifestyle changes, and are consistently having All Day Energy, you should start to experience results after 4-12 weeks. 

Should I stop consuming All Day Energy after some time?
Whether you need to make All Day Energy a part of your life, or if you should stop it after you have the desired result - that depends on you. If your energy levels were connected to poor nutritional habits, and the blend helped you improve it over a certain period of time, you can stop consuming it. But All Day Energy is great for continuous use, as it contains mineral rich herbs that everyone needs to function at their best.

After all this talk about energy, I hope you’re pumped up to learn more about natural energy and making the most of it, without any crashes.

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