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A beginner’s guide to getting started with wellness

Growing up, I never had a friend or sister who would tell me how to eat right, or how to deal with menstruation related problems. But the internet is a place for finding connections, and I’ve found a number of people who live with relatable problems. 

While I used to be fascinated and motivated earlier by weight loss images, now I’m inspired by wellness content. After all, it’s not enough to look a certain way. It’s even more so, about feeling the right way. 

But the concept of holistic wellness is pretty new to us, and most people are lost on where to get started. There has also been an  obvious shift in how we look at health, since COVID-19 came about. We understood that looking a certain way, or being disease-free is not the marker of being healthy. 

So here’s a friendly little guide from us, on how you can start loving your body, and showing it kindness, through nurturing wellness practices. 

Relearn what health means
Your relationship with your body is the longest and most important one in your life. Just like any relationship, the effort you put in to nurture it, is what ultimately matters.  Only if you are willing to prioritize your health, and put in the effort to improve it, will you be able to attain positive change.

The first step then, is to rethink your approach towards health and let go of your preconceived notions about what being healthy means. While physical goals are great, bringing about an overall change in health is the ultimate goal. Even in this scenario, you will have to pay close attention to your own body, and listen to it. 

But a great place to start would be, to look at your existing diet, and how that makes you feel. If you are struggling with digestion, and/or would love to improve your overall nutrition - start by changing your diet slowly. Understand the ingredients that make you feel good and what makes you feel bad.

What works for others may not work for you, or your body may even be incapable of handling it right away. This is precisely why we are firm believers in the concept of bio-individuality here at Cosmix, and not a one-size-fits-all approach to health. 

If we could suggest one product from our range that can help in this regard, it would be the ‘My Happy Gut’ mix. A large chunk of our problems reside within our gut, and the way we handle the food we do eat. This mix in particular can help address common digestive problems, and can help bring about a positive change with your overall health.

Efforts in, results out

There is no quick-fix for improving our health and the moment you accept that, you have better chances of success. Although there are a number of emerging healthcare trends, good old dedication is the only thing that is sure to prevail. Tall-claims are easy to make, but building good habits is the hard but sustainable road to better health.  

Taking the time to make healthy meals, increasing physical activity and even paying close attention to the cues of your body, all require effort, on a daily basis. But being aware of the effort it demands, and still prioritizing them every day, is the best act of self-care.

Surround yourself with the right people

In prioritizing your health, you may have to retrain your mind, and reset your surroundings, to attain the wellness you seek. It is not enough to add practices that elevate your health. You also have to let go of anything that will hinder your efforts. 

Even though it may be hard to do, this involves letting go of those that glorify bad habits, and/or encourage you to stay complacent. Rather, surround yourself with those that are equally dedicated to building better habits. Having accountability partners has been proven in it’s effectiveness. Even in times when your dedication for your health is not enough, the need to do right by your accountability partner can keep you dedicated. 

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In addition to all of this, the biggest advice that we would have for someone getting started on their wellness journey, is to learn everyday. From recipes to research, there is a vast amount of knowledge out there that can serve the needs of someone looking to attain better health.