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Inner beauty bundle

Inner beauty bundle

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Go bulk and save : Includes 1 jar + 2 refill packs + 1 wellness journal

This bundle is meant for those who practice selfcare to seek beauty from the inside out! With mixes power-packed with superfood berries and essential ingredients rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, they nourish your roots and skin cells from the inside, protect it from harmful free-radicals and keep you nourished from within. How it works? Just like you water your plants to grow from the roots, you give your body the essential nutrients to strengthen your hair and skin cells from within. 

Customer Reviews

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Loving it!!

Its been few days I started using these products and im feeling so good, but i donno how much difference they are gonna make. I think they ll definitely work 🤞🏻

Super happy to have added Cosmix to my daily rountine!

I have been looking for supplements for my hair and skin for a while now but I was always sceptical of taking the over the counter supplements that are available out there. Cosmix was such an exciting discovery in that regard. It’s all natural, super transparent with its ingredient list and it actually works. I have been using the hair and skin mix for almost a month now and of course this isn’t an overnight miracle product but my skin feels good, my hairs visually better and I am loving trying out new recipes with these mixes.

Loved it !

Excellent products

Truly a savior from unhealthy lifestyle

Gave life to my hair, quite literally saved my hair when I had given up. Heavy hair fall, brittle, dry, breakage, thin hair, these are the problems COSMIX HEALTHY HAIR solved for me. I wouldn't say it has completely transformed my hair, it is still a little dry and I do have little hair fall but it is what you would call healthy hair now. Thanks alot COSMIX!! :* <3


Inner beauty bundle