The Journey from Stress Me Not to Bring Me Bliss

The Journey from Stress Me Not to Bring Me Bliss
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The Journey from Stress Me Not to Bring Me Bliss

When I initially began formulating all the mixes for Cosmix, my primary focus was always only the formulation. While formulation being very important, it was through years of experience and of course customer feedback that I realised how important things like taste, colour and so many other things really mattered in the overall experience. Let’s be honest, if something doesn’t taste good we wouldn’t really want to consume it on a daily basis. 

What went wrong? 

Stress Me Not was one of our OG Cosmix mixes that I made for managing stress and promoting a sense of calm. While the formula was great and helped many users, we received constant feedback from our community that the flavour could be improved and it hampered them from using it daily. After a lot of surveys and taste trials, we understood that even though the formula worked well, the taste of Stress Me Not did not contribute to the calming experience. And in retrospect, when you’re stressed or have anxiety, do you really want to consume something that didn’t taste good? I would not. 

Well then the answer was before us - we HAD to reformulate. I believe this has been one of the biggest learnings for me, that when you’re creating a product for consumption, taste can never take a backseat. So began the whole process of formulating, product development, some more research and finally ‘Bring Me Bliss’ was born! 

What changed? 

The number one thing that changed in the reformulation, yes you guessed it, was the taste. We stuck to our principle of no BS ingredients and no sugar and found the solution in ‘Blue Spirulina’ and ‘peppermint’. 

Blue Spirulina was added to the mix as it is known to protect the neurons and support the development of the nervous system and thus safeguards the body from outside stressors. (1)  And of course the soothing colour of blue spirulina elevated the entire experience of feeling relaxed compared to the previous reddish brown colour. 

Nettle was another nerve strengthening herb that was added in, that helps to relax the muscles and nourish a frazzled nervous system. (2)

The second change, post the ingredients, was the name! While "Stress Me Not" was a good name but with the upgraded experience that brought on calmness and bliss, we wanted to focus on a slightly more positive name by naming it "Bring Me Bliss". 


The results are in! 

Ever since the upgrade, our community has been in love with the blue drink and it has become an absolute community favourite. The love we've received on 'Bring Me Bliss' has been phenomenal! The calming smell of peppermint and the blue colour from the blue spirulina added to the therapeutic effect that 'Bring Me Bliss' provides. 

This is how our current 'Bring Me Bliss' mix works:  

 - Replenishes frazzled nerves: Blue Spirulina and Nettle leaf in the blend can help nourish the the nerves and relax the muscles to provide a sense of calm. 

- Helps become more resilient to stress: The mix contains brahmi and ashwagandha, which are adaptogenic herbs that are known to help increase stress tolerance and support adrenal glands that may be overworked due to chronic stress. 

- Helps reduce feelings of nervous tension: Bring Me Bliss contains rhodiola which has mood boosting properties can help in easing feelings of physical and mental tension. 

If you have more questions about our 'Bring Me Bliss' mix, drop a comment below or write to us over email or Instagram and our team will help you out! 

by Vibha Closepet – May 08, 2024