All About Passion Potion: Let’s Talk About Sex(ual Wellness), Baby! 

All About Passion Potion: Let’s Talk About Sex(ual Wellness), Baby! 

It’s about time that we started talking about the aspects of sexual wellness. The act of sex is such an important tool in deepening our understanding about ourselves, our bodies and even the world around us. So we wouldn’t be doing right by you - our Cosmix Fam, if we don’t address your common sexual wellness concerns. 

Passion Potion is the latest addition to our list of adaptogenic mixes and it’s filled with ingredients that can help you stress less, and boost your sexual wellness. And for everything you want to learn about the product itself, we've put together this little guide. 

What exactly does it do?
The mix of ingredients in Passion Potion work together to improve energy and stamina levels, while improving circulation and sensitivity to sex organs. These are also said to help with liver and kidney detoxification, which in turn can promote a healthy libido. 
The ingredients also lift your spirits, can help you relax and most importantly, can help to improve the health of your sexual organs. The mix can help you to naturally regulate hormones - both in the male and female bodies. 

What goes into it?

"None of the bad, and all of the good"

That’s how we describe the ingredients that go into every single one of our products. Passion Potion is filled with natural aphrodisiacs with a proven history* of helping with improving sexual well-being. The main ingredients are Cacao and Cocoa blend, Korean Ginseng, Shilajit, Ashwagandha, Maca Root, Horny Goat Weed, Vanilla, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Ginger, Himalayan Salt and Monk fruit.

What does it taste like? What can it be paired with?
Owing to the presence of Cacao, Passion Potion tastes chocolatey, with hints of earthy flavors. It will pair well with spices like chili, pepper, garlic, and even ginger. Fruits like figs, mangoes, strawberries, cherries, and berries would also pair well with the chocolate flavor. 

How should I consume it and when? 
While it tastes best when paired with milk (diary or non-diary), there are a number of other ways to consume it - in smoothies, desserts, snacks and even as a breakfast topping; Yogurt topped with fruits and a dusting of passion potion, anyone?

While we know the idea of having a rich, chocolatey drink at night may sound appealing, we’d recommend otherwise. Passion Potion contains Cacao which contains caffeine, and can be stimulating. 

What other changes should I make for better sexual wellness?
For better sexual wellness, it is important that you take a holistic approach with your health. Making positive lifestyle changes - better nutrition, physical activity and practicing stress management tactics - can help. 

How long before I start to experience its effects?
Passion Potion, like all adaptogenic mixes, takes time to truly make an impact in the body. But owing to the ingredients with proven results, it can show both short term and long term benefits. But how soon it works depends on you - your health, lifestyle and other contributing aspects. It works best if taken daily so that the body will naturally be ready when one does feel compelled to engage in sexual intimacy.

What if I am single and still want to use Passion Potion?
We believe in sexy times for all! So Passion Potion can be used by anyone and isn’t exclusive to those who are partnered up!

The herbs that are used in this mix to increase libido are said to work by facilitating the natural regulation of hormones in the body. So the benefits of Passion Potion go beyond improving your sex drive - it can promote healthy liver and kidney functioning, may help your energy and stamina, and assist in improving the health of your reproductive and nervous systems. 

Now that we’ve had this little chat on all things Passion Potion, let’s go ahead and get it on.

And if you’ve got more questions, slide into our DMs. We’ll be waiting. 💦


Cacao - 1, 2 , Shilajit -1, 2Caffeine - 1

by Fathima Abdul Kader – February 10, 2022