How ‘What Women Want’ Supports Your Menstrual Cycle

How ‘What Women Want’ Supports Your Menstrual Cycle
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How ‘What Women Want’ Supports Your Menstrual Cycle

Mood swings, uncomfortable cramps, breakouts, and irregularities, Aunt Flo very rarely arrives alone –– along with her, she brings baggage that isn’t just distressing, but can also be quite troublesome to tackle every single month. Behind every harrowing period stands unnecessary pills, a hot water bag or a warm compress to ease the pain. While most live to tell the tale each month, the entire process isn’t a walk in the park –– especially since managing cramps with painkillers can do more harm than good. 

Enter What Women Want, our hormone balancing mix that naturally helps regulate your period and maintain healthy feminine well-being. A combination of three super herbs: shatavari, nettle leaf, and lemon balm, What Women Want literally supports you through each phase of your cycle. Here’s how:

Phase 1: The Menstrual Phase - Days 1 - 5

What happens: This is the phase when you start bleeding. The progesterone in your body takes a nosedive, causing your uterus lining to start shedding.

Possible symptoms: Fatigue, cramping, sore and tender breasts, headaches, lower back pain

WWW Support: Shatavari eases the cramps and regulates blood flow, so that you don’t bleed excessively. Since your periods are a natural way for the body to detoxify, alfalfa aids in flushing out any heavy metals or toxins accumulated in the body during this process. If you experience cramping, the iron-rich nettle root along with beetroot will help soothe the pain and fight any kind of fatigue you are experiencing. The two also work together to boost healthy blood circulation –– this prevents any sort of hormone or period related acne or breakouts from popping up.

Phase 2: The Follicular Phase - Days 1 - 13

What happens: This is also at the start of the first day of your period and tends to overlap with the menstrual phase too. The pituitary gland releases a follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), a hormone responsible for stimulating the egg cells in the ovaries to mature. At this point, estrogen and testosterone levels heighten.

Possible symptoms: A boost in energy levels and libido

WWW Support: Balance is key during this phase, and the maca root and shatavari help stabilize the hormones for you. Maca root supports the master glands aka hypothalamus and pituitary, that control and determine all our hormonal responses. It has essential nutrients that help promote healthy hormone production. Shatavari contains components that keep that balance going and regulate estrogen production, naturally. The lemon balm present keeps your mind focused and calm, prepping it for phase three of the menstrual cycle too! As we said, it’s a balancing act of hormonal energies during this stage. 

Phase 3: The Ovulatory Phase - Day 14

What happens: The egg is released from the follicle into the ovary and into the fallopian tube. Estrogen and testosterone are at its peak.

Possible symptoms: Heightened senses, tender or sore breasts, changes in libido, nausea, headaches

WWW Support: If you are trying to get pregnant, the shatavari and maca root present in our What Women Want formula helps strengthen fertility. Both herbs are natural aphrodisiacs and support your heightened libido. Nettle root, on the other hand, nourishes the womb tissue and preps it for conception.

Phase 4: Luteal Phase - Days 15 - 28

What happens: The egg cell that was released in phase 3 remains in the fallopian tube for 24 hours. If it is not fertilized with sperm, it disintegrates. At this point, estrogen and testosterone start declining and your body starts to produce more progesterone.

Possible symptoms: PMS starts to set in, food cravings, bloating, mood swings, and trouble sleeping

WWW Support: During this phase, you need anything and everything that can help you destress. Maca root assists in that –– it helps the body respond to stress, while the lemon balm regulates your mood and eases anxiety which equals better sleep. It also relieves bloating. Nettle root replenishes essential minerals in your body, which means all those unnecessary cravings will reduce. Beetroot helps increase blood circulation in the body, which instantly boosts energy levels and stamina, bidding farewell to that feeling of lethargy just before your cycle ends and the new cycle begins.

What Women Want combined with a healthy diet and more holistic lifestyle choices can help ease the painful and dreaded symptoms of your monthly cycle. Whether you’re looking to regulate your period, manage PCOS symptoms, reduce cramping or simply maintain a healthy cycle, What Women Want comforts you and your uterus month in, month out. 

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by Tatiana Dias – April 08, 2022