Want to balance your hormones? Here’s a natural fix.

How to Balance Hormones, Cosmix
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Want to balance your hormones? Here’s a natural fix.

Are you tired of searching for answers why you’ve been suddenly getting facial hair, losing hair near the temples, having an extremely irregular menstrual cycle, sudden unexplained weight gain, acne et cetera? Have you been caught in a whirlwind of gynecologists and dermatologists, while your emotions, confidence, and most importantly, your divine feminine energy, have gone astray in the maze of life (and meds!)? 

Believe it or not, a treasure trove of fixes lie in your mundane lifestyle choices, and practicing them will help you balance your hormones and embrace the goddess that resides within. Healing starts with little changes, which when done consistently, can have a huge huge impact! Despite the initial sense of overwhelm, remember that we are united in this journey, let’s go!

Here’s the ‘why’:

The symptoms you're experiencing, and perhaps even more, could be attributed to the imbalanced state of your hormones. According to research, achieving hormonal balance within your body is of utmost importance as it affects practically every aspect of your being—from the way your mind functions to how your body behaves. Even the slightest hormonal fluctuation can set off a chain reaction that can have a ripple effect on your entire health. 

Now, let's shine a spotlight on androgens, the powerful sex hormones that we’re pointing our fingers at. While androgens play vital roles in both males and females, complications arise when testosterone levels surge in women, giving rise to masculine symptoms in their bodies such as excessive hair growth in unwanted places…. It's crucial to note that this hormonal imbalance is prevalent within the 13-44 age group, even if you haven't received a clinical diagnosis of PCOD. So, what natural steps can you take to alleviate these symptoms? How can you fix hormonal imbalance?

 Natural fixes:

  • Start noticing your body: The first step to healing is always awareness, sheer knowledge that something is wrong. The solution to your acne might not just be applying a serum on it, but recognise that something is wrong inside, rather than finding a fix for the outside. Missing a period a month without any reason, being lethargic and moody, unexplained weight gain, lower libido etc. are all signs that you need to dig deep. Balancing your hormones will make sure you ovulate every month, which is ultimately what your androgens want.
  • Taking care of insulin resistance: Insulin is a hormone that regulates blood sugar in your body by communicating with the liver. A high insulin is what causes Type 2 diabetes. So as your insulin levels are low and controlled, your sex hormone binding globulins (SHBG) are elevated. So this will bind the excess testosterone in your body and place them where they’re supposed to be. To lower insulin levels:
    • Do a 1000 step walk immediately post your meals
    • Pair your sweet foods with fiber to avoid insulin spikes
    • Portion control as well as a low carb diet shall also help
    • Introduce intermittent fasting in your life slowly and steadily
    • Manage stress: Stress is one of the biggest causes of hormonal dysfunction, and while it is easier said than done, managing your stress can become the biggest boon for your body. During high stress situations in life, when you just cannot get ahold of your emotions mentally, it can be helpful to induce calming ingredients in your food intake that can help your body react better to the stress you’ve been taking. Some things that can help:
      • Wellness teas: Have a cup of chamomile tea before bed
      • Consume Cosmix Bring Me Bliss or What Women Want which can help your body calm down and ultimately balance your hormones
      • Breathing exercises: Just 5 minutes of deep breathing can do wonders.
      • Yoga: Yoga is an amazing thing that gives you fitness, calmness and hormonal balance all in one plate. Just 20 mins daily, and you are on for a healthy ride.
      • Quality sleep: Sleep is non-negotiable. 7-8 hours of quality sleep according to your circadian rhythm is ideal, but if you’re not able to sleep on some days, introduce Sleep Like a Baby in your regime to finally get that beauty sleep and improve your health overall.
      • Improve your gut health: A bad gut health is an invitation for hormones to go haywire. Eating healthy, home-cooked meals is extremely important to avoid triggering your hormones. Food is medicine.
        Balancing hormonal levels can be a task to deal with, especially if you’re battling something as serious as PCOS. These tips can not only help you to balance your hormones, but also improve your overall health. A lot of women, just like you, have been facing the music of androgen imbalance. But the good news is that healing starts from you, and you have the ball in your court! You got this!

        by Navyaashali Chauhan – August 03, 2023