PCOS Remedies: The Natural way

PCOS Remedies: The Natural way
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PCOS Remedies: The Natural way

We all know that uninvited guest who shakes up our lives upside down and refuses to leave. PCOS is that one stubborn unwanted and unexpected guest in the life of 1 out of 10 women in the world that is often misdiagnosed, misunderstood, and mistreated - only to affect our womanhood altogether. It’s an army of women out there, fighting a collective battle against a disease they think they have no control over - simply because it gains control of their bodies and minds alarmingly fast, creating a maze of confusion and a question “What is happening to me?”

Does there exist a PCOS remedy at all? A remedy for the crippling period cramps, mood swings, irregular periods, sudden weight gain, painful acne etc. etc. etc.? A remedy for the times when you’ve been told you might be infertile? A remedy for the times when you’ve been teased for the hair growing under your chin? 

A big YES.

While this lifelong disorder cannot be cured - it can be beautifully managed by the natural PCOS remedies written in this article. We’re aware of the struggle to begin with the remedies, but once you start noticing the change - there’s no going back. 

#1 - Diet Is Key!

A lot of women who have managed to take care of PCOS focused on changing their diet first. This meant staying away from processed foods, and moving more towards a wholesome diet that is nutrient heavy. Our body flourishes when fed with nutritious foods that contain all the vitamins and minerals that promote a healthy system. Processed foods, sugars, and saturated fats are known to cause weight gain (which is a trigger for PCOS symptoms) and can even increase estrogen production making existing symptoms even worse.

The whole idea is to listen to what your body is trying to say to you about the food you consume. It doesn’t mean you need to fully switch to a plant based diet or a whole foods diet, it just means you need to stay away from anything that will aggravate your symptoms and make them worse. Include iron-rich foods or foods that act as anti-inflammatories like dark green leafy veggies, berries, beans, dried fruits, or peas. 

Some tips for your diet:

  1. Consume foods that are low in glycemic index to avoid a rise in insulin levels. PCOS can trigger higher levels of insulin in your blood and therefore needs to be balanced out with low GI foods. Opt for nuts, seeds, and whole grains in your diet. You can also look at eating starchy veggies and fruits like sweet potatoes and dates, as alternatives.
  2. Processed foods can backtrack your progress, depending on how serious your condition is. Don’t get fooled by “she literally eats out everyday but still has no acne” - everybody’s body is different, for you, maybe, an occasional indulgence might or might not be okay. It can be hard to stay away from processed foods, however, these also lead to high levels of inflammation. You don’t need to cut them out completely –– simply, reduce consumption and be mindful about enjoying them in moderation. 
  3. Anti-inflammatory foods are essential when maintaining PCOS as they help reduce inflammation in your body. This includes tomatoes, leafy greens, nuts, berries, olive oil, turmeric, to name a few. 

#2 - Move your body🏃🏽‍♀️

Your body is literally made to move all day, not sit in a chair for 12 hours in front of a screen. While this may sound like a cliche and rather preachy, exercise is actually quite important when it comes to maintaining PCOS symptoms. This doesn’t mean that you have to slog days in and days out on the treadmill, but simply just involve yourself in physical activities that you enjoy. Initially, instead of going for a high-intensity workout that causes you to stress out more than actually enjoying it, opt for something more calming and relaxing, while giving your body a good physical exertion. Yoga, pilates, swimming, or just going for a run consistently will help keep you active and will also aid in reducing stress levels –– all of which naturally manage the symptoms of PCOS. Remember, there’s nothing called a bad workout - just move your body any way you like and your body is going to thank you for it!


#3 - Find Support 🧘

Other than the physical turmoil your body goes through thanks to PCOS, the impact it has on your mental wellbeing is also quite detrimental. Whether it’s the changes in your physical appearance or even how the symptoms of PCOS affects your self-esteem, having someone to share it with, discuss, and exchange stories, will make you feel like you’re not alone. Don’t confuse it with being normal, common does not mean normal, but it’s important to remind yourself that you’re not sailing alone in this tumultuous boat –– there are other women too! There are PCOS specialized nutritionists to help you find what diet works for you as well as amazing and super supportive fitness trainers who will tell you how you should practice menstrual phase dependent workouts that are customized for your body. Give your body what it needs - that’s the first remedy to PCOS.


#4 - Sleep Sleep Sleep 😴 

Staying awake till 2am? Not getting your 8 hours of beauty snoozes? Well, that’s not good for your health or for your PCOS. Honestly, in today’s day and age, we do not give sleep the importance it deserves. Bad sleep habits exacerbate insulin resistance which is known to be a chief culprit of PCOS. It also increases hypertension and puts the body in fight-or-flight mode that completely disrupts hormonal balance and aggravates PCOS symptoms. With a proper circadian rhythm (sleep cycle) in place, stress levels and inflammation are reduced, which is extremely important to manage PCOS. A few remedies that can help you sleep:

  1. 15 minutes of sunlight as soon as you wake up: Sunlight not only brings positivity and a sense of rejuvenation in your body, but will also bring down melatonin (sleep hormone) and bring a rise to cortisol (stress hormone) which will improve functionality, energy and mood in the morning hours. Maybe also include a 5 minute gratitude practice to have an amazing day ahead? 😉
  2. 15 minutes of sunset and using a dim yellow light after 9 pm: The amount of light your retina processes sets your body clock for the day; which means it decides when you will have energy and when you won’t. So reducing light in your eyes reduces cortisol and increases melatonin, which signals your brains that it’s time to sleep.
  3. Avoid caffeine post 4pm: Caffeine can trigger a rise in cortisol, which will again confuse your hormones and brain regarding sleep schedules. 


#5 - Supplements FTW 🥛

Sometimes your body needs a bit of an extra helping hand to nourish your system from within! While your diet is really important, consuming supplements that support it will just take things up a notch. Our What Women Want formula, a Cosmix PCOS remedy, supports your menstrual cycle and helps manage the symptoms naturally. The herbal mix contains natural ingredients like Shatavari, Nettle leaf, and Lemon balm, all of which work together to balance hormones and ease PCOS with consistent use.

TruthBomb: PCOS cannot be cured or healed, however it can be managed. Small changes in your lifestyle and diet help trigger bigger changes in your body. And when I said that you’re not sailing in the PCOS boat alone, I meant it. Our co-founder Vibha started her wellness journey (and COSMIX) on a quest to treat her PCOS. So, if you need inspiration or a little push to begin your holistic journey, let her story guide the way. Remember, following these natural PCOS remedies will allow you to control your PCOS and not have it the other way around!


by Navyaashali Chauhan – August 03, 2023