Can PCOS supplements help cure the problem?

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Anyone who has been diagnosed and dealing with PCOS knows how the condition can consume your time, energy, and mental and physical health. And let’s not even get to the toll it can take on one’s own self-image. Marketers know this and target all your insecurities with the promise of a cure. But apart from medicines and lifestyle changes, PCOS supplements enriched with time-honoured and revered Ayurvedic herbs and ingredients can provide you with that bonus assistance you didn’t know you needed. These PCOS supplements accelerate your recovery and bring you closer to your goal i.e. balanced hormones, pain-free and regular periods, no acne, and finally, maybe, no cysts on the ovaries - for once and for all.

When we launched What Women Want – our women’s hormonal health mix, women from all walks of life had just one question to ask us: “Can What Women Want Cure PCOS?” As a team where 3 out of 5 women are dealing with PCOS, we know this struggle all too well. And we realised, it was important for us to be honest and practical not only about what the mix can and cannot do for you.

First things first, What Women Want is not a miraculous PCOS supplement that promises a permanent fix, and nor does it take away your symptoms in a blink. However, it can help suppress and keep symptoms under control. Let's understand how.

What Women Want is a mix of adaptogenic herbs that not only have immense benefits related to female health individually, but also work well in synergy with each other. A concoction of these herbs forms as a supplement for PCOS, providing you with some extra support to accelerate your healing process.

🌿 Shatavari contains phytoestrogen, a natural plant-based estrogen that several studies have shown to promote the development of ovarian follicles, combat hyperinsulinemia and promote fertility.

 🌿 Shatavari and Maca Root are powerful adaptogens that are known to ADAPT to an individual’s body’s needs. PCOS manifests differently in different people, so you need something that can adapt to your health.

 🌿 Lemon Balm and Nettle don't impact PCOS directly. However, studies show that they do support the female body in vitality and mental well-being. The synergistic effect of the herbs lends holistic benefits.

How to know if What Women Want is working for you?

In the first few weeks of using you should observe a change in:

  • Energy levels: You’re likely to feel less lethargic and experience improvement in overall vitality, motivation  and stamina

  • Acne Vulgaris: You will note a reduction in acne induced by hormonal imbalance

With 2 to 3 months of consistent use, you can expect to see:

  • Balanced hormonal levelsThe mix will aid in regulated production of sex hormones

  • Regular periods: Balanced hormone levels will help regulate your menstrual cycle and flow too

Once you observe these changes, continue to use it for at least 3 more months to see more effects that are long lasting - like improved fertility and suppression of hirsutism.

It's important to note that PCOS manifests differently in different people! So not everyone will notice similar reactions within a similar timeline. So, please don't put further pressure on your body even while consuming the mix. Also remember exercise, mental well-being and a holistic lifestyle are equally important.

If you want to know all about What Women Want, check out our FAQs or reach out to us on social media, we’re always here to help you understand what this supplement for PCOS can do for you. Check out this blog for more scoop on how What Women Want supports your menstrual cycle.

Please ask us any questions you have in the comments! 

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by Navyaashali Chauhan – April 06, 2021